Anitta is arguably the most famous woman in Latin America. Her music has made her a global superstar and her fanbase is always growing and loyal. The Brazilian funk artist continues to climb and reach for the stars and a new Netflix documentary is taking viewers deeper into her world.

Anitta is official back on Netflix.

Larissa de Macedo Machado, known as Anitta, is a Brazilian singer who has become a global powerhouse. The woman who has mobilized millions of people to listen to her music is letting fans get a more intimate look at her life in a new documentary. The Netflix original documentary “Anitta: Made In Honório” is taking a look at Larissa and the work she puts in to make Anitta the legend she is.

Fans are getting emotional over the new docu-series.

The trailer shows the unbelievable rise to stardom that Larissa fought so hard to make happen. Fans and viewers will see Larissa breaking down and fighting through it to always become better. The singer, who first broke into the scene in 2010, has inspired countless artists and celebrities around the world who look up to her.

Will.I.Am refers to Anitta as the ambassador of funk to the world.

You really get a sense of the work that Anitta puts into her career.

Larissa takes no breaks when it comes to making sure that everything is working the way it should. Her exhaustive attention to detail is compelling as you see her literally handle everything from the dancers’ entrances to the lighting on stage. She doesn’t leave anything up to chance. It is easy to see that Anitta deserves the success that she is enjoying.

This is Netflix’s second documentary on Anitta and it is just as compelling.

Anitta is someone that can fascinate a crowd and keep everyone’s attention. Few artists are able to do what she does and she does it so well. These docu-series takes you deep into the mind and work that Anitta does to become a once-in-a-generation artist.

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