It’s about to be Pride Month, and just like we do every year, people waited for Mariah Carey’s latest Pride merch line. Well, it is officially here and it is the kind of merch you need to celebrate a month of LGBTQ+ pride. The queen made sure to deliver on some of our favorites as well.

Mariah Carey’s Pride merch line is officially here and it’s about time.

The undisputable musical royalty came through with another collection of things for her LGBTQ+ audience. It includes everything that you might need to celebrate your Pride with memorabilia celebrating on the best gay divas to exist. All of you true Lambs out there can create a complete Pride outfit to broadcast your allegiance to Carey while getting to see people in person for the first time in more than a year.

There are some new and exciting items for sale.


We all know and love (?) these fans. They are a great way to clack your way to the rhythm of Pride week and let everyone know just how much Pride you have. Not to mention, this is also a really fun way to throw shade all over your haters as you live your best life.

But you can still get a hold of the classics.


Who hasn’t seen this image before? The iconic album cover has become a Pride classic by default. The rainbow across the wall and Carey has been seen in LGBTQ+ videos for decades because it is just that much a part of the culture. Most LGBTQ+ people instantly recognize this image when they see it, even briefly.

The people are already wearing the queen’s merch.

Yes, mama! The looks are just what we want to see from the queen. Her iconic butterfly with the rainbow is peak Mariah and the lambs are here for it. Thank you for giving the fans exactly what they want. The queen just knows.

Like, it is making this a Pride one to remember already.

Get it! Who else is getting excited for Pride 2021?

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