If you’re a Luis Miguel fan, you probably know his hit 80’s song “La Chica Del Bikini Azul” by heart.

While that “de pronto flash” line might be the catchiest hook ever recorded, other lines like “I look for love on the beach” and “Waves, water, sun, and salt” make it the perfect summer song.

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And while no one knows precisely who it’s about, one Tiktoker believes his own mother might have inspired the track.

While Luis Miguel was only a teenager when he released the hit, he apparently met TikToker @cris_sing’s mom around the same time. Old photos of the two show that the singer “couldn’t stop looking at her,” and the way they met has us invested in the chisme.

This TikTok user believes his mom might be “La Chica Del Bikini Azul”

TikTok user Cris Sing started off the Luismi speculation by posting this video on Mother’s Day.

“Looking for photos for Mother’s Day, I found this,” He captioned the post. Asking, “Is my mom ‘La [Chica] Del Bikini Azul?'”

In the video, Sing included a photo of his mother as a young girl eating dinner at a restaurant with Luis Miguel. Another photo shows her alongside other girls as they all pose next to the Mexican singer.


buscando fotos para el día de la Madre me encuentro con esto #mamá #luismiguel #lachicadelbikinaazul #chile #parati #luismi

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Interestingly enough, Miguel looks directly at Sing’s mother in both photos.

The TikToker also included a short clip posing with his mother today; she looks exactly the same. So yes, it seems like it could be real — but what’s the story behind it?

Sing’s initial TikTok video of his mom’s encounter with Luismi got more than 25 million views, so yes, fans are just as invested as we are. As one person commented, “No, no, no, this deserves a storytime. Actually, I’m not asking, I’m demanding.” Same.

Sing’s mom met Luis Miguel in Viña Del Mar, Chile in the 80s

The TikToker posted a follow-up video where he explained the whole story, and it’s fascinating. Sing started off with, “I saw a lot of comments asking for it, so here’s the story time of how my mom met Luis Miguel.”

All of this happened in 1985 when Luis Miguel was giving a concert in Chile,” he continued. “Vea magazine offered a contest where they selected 10 to 15 fans to meet [Miguel].”


Respuesta a @Edgar Mont777 estaba pendiente así que aquí el contexto #luismiguel #storytime

♬ sonido original – Cris Sing

Incredibly enough, the contest didn’t just offer a standard meet-and-greet photo-op. They allowed fans to “meet, have breakfast, lunch and spend all day with Luis Miguel.” What in the world? Yup, we were born at the wrong time.

As fate would have it, Sing’s mother was chosen — and got the chance to meet Miguel in Viña del Mar, Chile. She wasn’t a part of his fan club but somehow made it in.

“They were with Luis Miguel all day, as if he was just another friend,” Sing explained. “My mom sat next to him and said they talked about his dogs, the tour, how Mexico was and even about his mother.”

Does this mean the TikToker’s mom has inside intel on Miguel’s mom’s story? No tenemos pruebas ni dudas.

The TikToker explained how he found the old photos of the iconic day when looking for a picture to post for Mother’s Day. He said, “There are 10 to 20 photos, but I had never noticed how [Miguel] is looking at her in all of them.”

As he put it, maybe “le movió el piso,” meaning, he just really liked her. His mom was 13 or 14 years old, and Luismi was around 15.

Now, is the TikToker’s mom really “La Chica Del Bikini Azul”?

While nothing ended up happening between Sing’s mother and Luismi — explaining how she met his father a short time later — did she inspire “La Chica Del Bikini Azul” or not? Sadly enough, it doesn’t seem like it.

For one, Sing said his mom met El Sol de Mexico in 1985, but the singer released the song in 1984. Oh, well then.

According to the performance rights organization BMI’s catalog search, songwriter Honorio Herrero wrote “La Chica Del Bikini Azul.” Herrero has written songs for countless artists like Gloria Trevi, Chayanne, and yes, Luis Miguel — including more of his hits like “Palabra de Honor.”

Seeing that someone else wrote the song, and it was released a year after he met Sing’s mother in Chile, it’s safe to say it’s not about her.

Still, Luis Miguel staring at her in all those photos might mean he did feel a “flash” when he saw her, and that’s epic, too.

And yes, this is all of us reminiscing on this song right now: