Karol G’s latest single is an emotionally charged journey we were unprepared for. Her latest masterpiece, “S91,” has managed to move even the most stoic audience. Her mother, Martha Navarro, was caught on camera shedding heartfelt tears as she listened to her daughter’s song.

And “S91” is not only a testimony of the Colombian singer’s sensitivity. It is also a nod to her spirituality. This amalgam of sentiment and mysticism resonates deeply with her fans.

The purpose of Karol G’s experience

The Colombian star had already announced that her new song would come out on July 13. Through a cryptic message on social media, Karol G also peeked at the meaning behind the release date.

“If you think you’ve seen everything, remember, I always save the best for last,” she added.

Although her new tour kicks off August 11 in Las Vegas, many expect to hear “S91” live a few days earlier during her performance at Lollapalooza.

The message behind ‘S91’

Karol G’s new single sparked a flurry of speculation on social media. As expected, some fans believed it was a coded message directed at the singer’s ex-boyfriend, Anuel AA, known for throwing barbs at Karol G and her new boyfriend, Feid.

However, the truth behind “S91” is rooted in something much deeper: a biblical verse. The song references Psalm 91, an important scripture that speaks of God as a refuge in times of crisis, reassuring those who trust in His power.

“Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty,” reads the Bible. “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.'”

This psalm, written by Moses during his 40-year journey through the desert after liberating his people, resonates with Karol G’s personal journey.

In the song’s video, the singer embodies a modern-day prophetess against a desert backdrop, standing next to an imposing cross composed of speakers.

“S91” is more than a song. It is an open love letter from Karol G to those she cherishes and wishes to protect, like a Moses leading his people to the Promised Land.

A beautiful childhood memory

The choice of this particular psalm has personal meaning for Karol G and her family.

In an emotional TikTok video, the artist shared how her mother, Martha Navarro, recited Psalm 91 to her and her older sisters as a nightly ritual before bedtime. It’s a beautiful testament to Karol G’s faith, music’s power, and a mother’s enduring influence.

“Tell me why you’re crying,” Karol asks her mother, who burst into tears after watching the song’s video.


Este video es especial por varias razones … 1. No hay sentimiento más lindo para mi que saber que mi familia se siente orgullosa de mi y que mi música les pueda causar reacciones así. 2. Mi mamá nos llevo al colegio toda la vida y nos enseño el Salmo 91 para rezarlo después de salir de casa todos los dias por la mañana (decía que eran palabras sagradas de protección), cuando vió que algo que me enseñó desde pequeñita lo había incluido en la canción, las lágrimas no se hicieron esperar. 3. Vivo agradecida con Dios y con la vida por darme una familia que me apoya, que ha creído en mi desde el primer momento y que hoy siguen conmigo, celebrando juntos tantas cosas bonitas que nos pasan. Crean en sus hijos, en su familia, en sus amigos, esa es la motivación más grande y el ingrediente más importante para el éxito de cualquier sueño❤️‍🔥 S91 tiene un mensaje de celebración, de orgullo, de amor, de superación, de invitación … tantos sentimientos bonitos … solo quiero que lo vean ya. Pdta: Ella me dejo subir el video después de todo🤍 te amo ma, te amo pa … GRACIAS A TODOS POR HACER PARTE DE ESTO!!!! ✨ pdta2: El video y la cancion son el anuncio de algo que les prepare a todos 🖤 MSB.BS 🦈

♬ sonido original – Karol G

There is no doubt that, with “S91,” Karol G continues to push the boundaries of Latin music, intertwining emotional depth, personal narratives, and spiritual symbolism, all while masterfully maintaining her signature romantic touch. 

It is the perfect follow-up to “Watati,” her song on the soundtrack to “Barbie: The Movie.”

As “S91” resonates across the globe, it’s clear that Karol G’s journey has only just begun. And the world is tuning in.