If 2023 was the year of celebrity breakups, 2024 is the year of celebrity pregnancy announcements — we’re calling it! 

On January 11, Kali Uchis stunned everyone by announcing her pregnancy in tandem with the release of her new video for the song “Tu Corazón Es Mio.” In the video her boyfriend Don Toliver is shown kissing her bump. Cue the heartfelt waterworks. 

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“Starting our family ❤️‍🩹 don’t take too long to get here little pooks, mom & dad can’t wait to share our life with you,” said the couple in a joint Instagram post. 

Uchis also released her new album “Orquídeas” on January 12. An album, single and baby all in one — we’re here for it. 

Mucho amor was felt on the Instagram stories 

Uchis poured her heart out on Instagram stories, expressing gratitude to those who respected her privacy and waited for her to “feel safe enough to share something as vulnerable, sacred & personal as this to the world.”

Adding, ”No one deserves to be forced or harassed into disclosing a pregnancy before they are ready, especially before their pregnancy is viable. Not to employers, not to strangers, not to business partners, not to family members do you need to disclose anything.”

Kali Uchis via Instagram stories

La Bichota also showered the star with love and support – not just for the pregnancy, but for all the “love and time” Uchis poured into her album. I mean, seriously, who isn’t vibing with these Colombian goddesses and their legendary friendship?

Karol G via Instagram stories

Who is Don Toliver? 

Even though it might come as a surprise to some, this power couple has actually been going strong since 2020. Toliver spilled the beans in a July 2021 “W Magazine” interview, confirming that he and Uchis are indeed an item.

Toliver said he flew out with her to Colombia, Medellin, and spent time with her family. “I already had it in my mind to go out there and shoot a video with her incorporated into it, to make it a real-deal situation,” he told the magazine. 

The rapper, singer and songwriter first gained recognition for his guest appearance in Travis Scott’s “Astroworld.” Toliver and Uchis have worked together on various records including his own “Life of a Don,” and “Love Sick,” as well as Uchis’s song “Fantasy.” 

Congratulations to the happy couple!