Netflix’s “El Rey, Vicente Fernandez” is a sprawling ride through the late ranchera singer’s life, starting in his birthplace of Huentitán El Alto, Jalisco and making its way through his journey to stardom. There’s little doubt star Jaime Camil, 49, plays the role beautifully — but now we know for certain that he has the voice to match, too.


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Camil made an appearance on “The View” last week and stunned audiences by giving an amazing live rendition of Fernandez’s signature track “Volver, Volver.”

Joined by the Mariachi Real de Mexico, an eight-person band that suddenly appeared behind him, Camil took to the microphone to serenade the show’s millions of viewers.

While we know the Mexico City-born celebrity acts incredibly, many had not realized he also has a voice that could (almost!) double for the icon he plays. In fact, the star actually sings in “El Rey” — yep, mind-blown.

Starting the song still sitting down, Camil began to sing “Este amor apasionado anda todo alborotado,” turning to the hosts in a way that made us smile. By the legendary chorus, “Y volver volver, volver a tus brazos, otra vez,” the “Jane the Virgin” star stood up, and few could help singing along — and why are we getting goosebumps right now?

The actor also took the time to talk about the importance of much-needed Latino representation in Hollywood while on the show, and the fact that “El Rey” reached number one on Netflix around the world. Camil explained, “[Representation] means everything to us… we have a long way to still walk in Hollywood when it comes to representation, of course… we need more.” 

Talking about Fernandez, Camil said the late singer “single handedly put mariachi music on the world map.” He also described a scenario that seemed way too vivid to be fictional, explaining how a fight with a boyfriend or girlfriend will probably lead you to a bar, where you might drink a bit too much and “sing the classic Vicente songs.” Camil said, “[If you’re] Latin American, Vicente Fernandez is a big part of your life.” 

There’s no doubt Camil is a big fan of Fernandez, which coupled with his amazing voice, made him a surefire pick to play the singer in the Netflix biopic. In fact, Camil explained to Billboard what an amazing experience it was to sing the songs featured on “El Rey,” impressively recording 14 out of 20 songs on the official soundtrack. 

The Mexican actor told the outlet: “Singing the songs was a very important challenge, because I took on the task of singing them in the original key in which Vicente recorded them.” Saying the songs are actually remarkably high, he described the experience as “a very nice challenge in the recording studio.”

Camil also explained that he tried to emulate Fernandez’s specific gestures and ways of speaking, which were “the brushstrokes of the character.”

While many might have already known Camil sang on the show, there’s no doubt his performance on “The View” is still special — so excuse us while we replay it about 100 more times!