Mexican singer-songwriter Georgel is back with a throwback banger. He teams up with fellow Mexicana Immasoul and Venezuelan DJ Ferraz for his new single “Desilusionándome.”

Georgel is one of the voices leading the Latin R&B movement.

Georgel is one of the artists leading the growing Latin R&B movement. He’s in the company of artists like Girl Ultra and Immasoul, who are also helping mainstream the sound in Mexico and beyond. He teams up with the latter for “Desilusionándome.”

“I feel like R&B in Spanish is a genre with many creative avenues to explore still and that excites me,” Georgel told mitú in February. “There are so many new things we can play within the soul music realm. There are so many melodies and so many ways.”

Georgel, Immasoul, and Ferraz are a dream team.

“Desilusionándome” is lovely in that it’s marginalized voices coming together for one of the year’s best collaborations. Georgel is openly gay and Immasoul is an Afro-Latina from Mexico. Ferraz represents Venezuela, a country that’s becoming more of a presence in the current Latin music scene. Ferraz supplies Georgel and Immasoul with a ’90s R&B soundscape that both singers sound at home in. This dreamy trio turns a very dark theme into a smooth and sexy moment.

“Disappointment on many occasions for me has been a door to darkness,” Georgel said in a statement. “‘Desilusionándome’ is the transition to many of the saddest things I have experienced, but that have taught me the most to grow.”

“Desilusionándome” is the first single from Georgel’s upcoming EP Oscuro. That already sounds like a stark contrast to his debut EP Claro that was released on Valentine’s Day.

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