Eugenio Derbez, the Mexican comedian most recently known for starring in Hulu’s “The Valet” and appearing in Best Picture-winner “Coda,” is currently in the hospital and is expected to undergo a “very complicated” surgery following a “delicate” and unspecified accident, according to an Instagram post from his wife, Alessandra Rosaldo, who is currently the lead singer of Sentidos Opuestos.

A translated excerpt from the statement, reported by NBC News, reads, “He is fine, however the injuries he suffered are delicate… The operation is very complicated but it does not compromise his health.” The statement continues, “The recovery process will be long and difficult since he will have to rest for several weeks and then undergo rehabilitation therapies.”

The rest of Rosaldo’s statement, translated by The Hollywood Reporter, asks fans to respect Derbez’s privacy and healing process, as he’ll be staying away from social media for the next few weeks. “Allow me to communicate it through my social networks,” she wrote. In spite of Rosaldo’s requests, fans and reporters alike have been curious to know exactly what happened that caused the injury.

Per a report in Yahoo! Vida y Estilo, journalist Gustavo Adolfo spilled the beans on Sale el Sol, a popular Mexican morning show, saying, “He was in Atlanta, Georgia, with his son Vadhir, it seems to me, he put on a virtual reality headset, so you have to run, climb, jump and he hit something, he broke his shoulder in 10 or 11 pieces.”

He noted that Derbez was going to have surgery in Georgia, “but they saw that he was multi-fractured, that there were parts that were pulverized, so they transferred him to Los Angeles and they operated on him this morning.” Adolfo also noted that, on the morning of August 30, he thought Derbez was already in surgery, but another source close to him said the actor is still waiting to be operated on.

Despite that, the morning newspaper Hoy reported that Derbez would be going into the operating room at 12 noon PST. Regardless, Rosaldo has not posted an update since August 30 and Derbez’s fans are eager to learn more about his condition. Rosaldo noted in her statement that she has “some work commitments to fulfill” but will be sure to update his fans as soon as she can.