Musician Cuco is in the middle of a scandal that was spreading through social media over the weekend. The singer was accused of having inappropriate interactions with underage fans. Screenshots and tweets filled #Cucoisoverparty and he has spoken out and offered a former apology via Instagram.

Cuco broke his silence over the accusation of inappropriate interactions with underage fans.

Cuco allegations growing of inappropriate behavior with underage fans were addressed. The musician, who started to get famous when he was 18, is being accused of the behavior after several screen grabs of conversations were posted to Twitter. Cuco admits that he should have never interacted with those fans when he turned 18.

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“Previous members of my band did engage in inappropriate behavior in the past, and I made sure to remove them from my band,” Cuco wrote. “I don’t condone bad behavior. I owe my fans an apology. This isn’t some industry statement and I even wish I had made this statement sooner.”

The statement does not address the bad behavior of which former band members were involved. Nor does the statement clarify any reprimand past kicking them out of the band.

Fans were really upset when the allegations first hit Twitter.

Emotions run high with performers. It is hard to confront something negative about someone you look up to. Entertainers are there for us in our darkest hours and have no idea how much they help us through hard times. However, issues like this make it hard to separate an artist from their work. An important note is that these are all allegations so far.

However, a very large group of Cuco fans are on social media defending him.

People are demanding proof of these allegations. The screen grabs allegedly show Cuco talking to a 15-year-old fan. Others are women telling their stories. In the time of #MeToo and TimesUp, allegations carry more weight. Women spent decades being ignored when lodging accusations and now people are believing women.

Both sides of the argument are letting it out on social media.

Some people are clinging to the screen grabs are proof of Cuco’s inappropriate actions. Others don’t believe them without sufficient proof. It is forcing conversations on social media about cancel culture and when someone deserved to be canceled.

Some Cuco fans are stunned that people want to cancel him but don’t want to cancel Tekashi 69.

Tekashi 69, born Daniel Hernandez, spent four years on probation for having sexual contact with a child. The rapper has been in a series of legal issues since that time and still enjoys a career. Tekashi 69 even set an Instagram record for the number of people on his Instagram Live video after being released early from his latest prison sentence.

Some people are ready to trade one for another is the energy for this cancel culture stays consistent.

The allegations are still on social media and people want more proof to disprove or prove the allegations against Cuco. The current state of the world is giving people a chance to spend time on social media like never before meaning that this discussion could go on for a long time.

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