Regional Mexican artist Chiquis Rivera announced a new surprise album titled “Abeja Reina,” which is scheduled for release on May 12. Chiquis accompanied the announcement with an album art reveal, featuring herself in a gold hue, covered in honey, and wearing a crown. The album follows a string of singles, including the recent “El Honor,” and the commencement of a North American tour that’s been full of sold-out shows since April 10.

Coming off her 2020 Latin GRAMMY win for Best Banda Album, Chiquis wants to provide fans with more of what they’ve come to know and love from the artist while branching out in new directions, exploring Cumbia and Corrida sounds in addition to her trademark Banda style.

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The album, which literally translates to “Queen Bee,” is something of a victory lap for the artist, who’s seen nothing but success in the wake of her 2020 album, “PLAYLIST.”

After getting her start as a reality TV star, Chiquis has transformed herself into one of the biggest Latin music stars in the world, garnering awards, acclaim, and a massive following. She’s starred in a handful of shows, written books (including a Keto-friendly cookbook), released a line of fragrances, produced her own TV commercials, and still makes the time to write and record music.

As if that weren’t enough, Chiquis also puts her fans to work helping others. According to a press release:

“The support of eight million followers on social media has given her the opportunity to create BossBee Nation, a charitable foundation that helps thousands of young people to fulfill their dreams. BossBee Nation is an online community that offers scholarships, raising funds, and donates money to deal with domestic violence, sexual and mental abuse, self-esteem, loss of a loved one and financial guidance.”

Fans have taken to social media to express their excitement for the new album and show Chiquis their support:

Stream “Abeja Reina” starting May 12!