If you remember driving around circa-2008 singing every single lyric to “Colgando En Tus Manos” on the radio… then, well, we’ve all lived the same life. The Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez duet stole the hearts of pretty much everyone on the planet, drawing us in with sweet, memorable lines like: “Te envío las fotos cenando en Marbella, y cuando estuvimos por Venezuela” (emphasis on Sánchez’s Spanish accent on the “z” there). The mashup between Venezuelan singer Baute and longtime Spanish icon Sánchez was truly one for the books — and a viral TikTok video shows the song will never get old.

First there was turbulence, then there was an impromptu concert no one expected

49-year-old Baute posted a surprising video to his TikTok account, revealing what went down during a flight he took alongside pal Sánchez. The two were headed to Madrid together, but there were a few bumps down the road— as in, there was apparently a lot of turbulence.

As Baute explained, “We were on a plane and experienced heavy turbulence.” But it actually had a major bright side: it inspired a flight attendant to make the flight unforgettable for all the passengers. The Caracas-born singer-songwriter wrote: “When the plane’s movement stopped, the flight attendant told us: ‘Why don’t you sing a song so everyone has a better time?'” This flight attendant deserves a raise—  and definitely proves not all heroes wear capes.


Hoy pasó algo muy loco !!! Íbamos en un avión y empezó una turbulencia fuerte, al parar el movimiento, la azata (De buena manera) nos dice: Porque no cantan una canción y así la gente se lo pasa mejor !!! @Marta Sánchez

♬ sonido original – Carlos Baute

The passengers seemed to all forget about the turbulence— at least for a bit

As Baute himself describes the experience, it was “very crazy”— it’s safe to say no passengers expected the O.G. singers of “Colgando En Tus Manos” to get up and sing for them with a handy-dandy guitar. But, it happened… and it was absolutely epic.

The video shows how the flight attendant gets on the mic and says, “Attention please: since we have a bit of turbulence, and we have the luck to have two great artists on board… they’re going to sing you a song.”

Baute gets on the guitar as Sánchez smiles beside him, both joining in to sing the massive hit many still know every word to. The passengers quickly pull out their phones, and by the end, you can see many of them smiling, clapping, and even singing along.


Ya llegó el Viernes!!! Esto fue ayer intentando de enseñar a Marta a bailar merengue, después de cantar en las alturas. ¿Que tal lo hace?

♬ Esta Canción – Tutto Durán & Carlos Baute

This is how social media is reacting to the very meme-able moment

As you could expect, social media is blowing up with their impromptu plane ride performance… and we’re all left wondering, why don’t these things happen to us? As one Twitter user put it, “Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez singing on a flight is a blessing from the gods 🫶.” Truly, what are the odds?

Of course, because it is the internet, people are also meme-ifying the situation in just about every way possible. For example, one Twitter user couldn’t stop imagining what the pilot must have been thinking in that moment… as they, you know, brought everyone to safety amid turbulence (LOL):

Meanwhile, another poked fun at the situation, saying it was so “surreal” they probably would have thought they were hallucinating. Yet another person, clearly not a big fan of the song, brought “Back To The Future” into this:

That being said, whether you’re a fan or not, it’s safe to say this was must of us back in 2008— and now, too: