Extreme body modifications have long fascinated people. Seeing others change their body structure to look like over people or even animals usually make it to the news and that is the case with Brazilian tattoo artist Fernando Franco de Oliveira.

Fernando Franco de Oliveira is living his best life with his series of body modifications and tattoos.

Over the course of several years, the tattoo artist, who owns a tattoo shop in Tatuí, São Paulo, Brazil, has been working to transform his physical appearance. Through surgeries and tattooing, de Oliveira, has transformed his appearance to be that of an orc from the “Lord of the Rings” franchise.

The latest part of his transformation was to cut his nose to closer resemble a skull.

De Oliveira admitted to Daily Mail that the nose procedure was the most painful and drastic change he made to his appearance. The surgical procedure to reshape his nose required a lot of care for it to heal properly, but it has had no impact on his ability to breathe normally.

“I have a forked tongue, an ‘orc’ ear, vampire teeth, and horn implants in my head,” de Oliveira told Daily Mail. “The last one I did, to make me look completely frightening, was my nose. I mutilated it to look like a skull.”

De Oliveira is not done with his transformation.

According to Daily Mail, the tattoo artist still wants some more work done so he can fully transform into the orc he wants to see. De Oliveira, who was awarded the title of Most Tattooed Man in Brazil in 2014, wants some more horns implanted on his head.

De Oliveira has had about 99 percent of his body tattooed and has had his ears shaped into orc ears. As he considers more procedures to continue on his physical evolution, de Oliveira admits it is about more than the final product.

“I really like the pain of needles, I am addicted,” he tells Daily Mail. “Every now and then I get the need to touch up the tattoos because I don’t have enough space on my body.”

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