Following a brief role in “John Wick 3: Parabellum,” Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas is set for her own spin-off, “Ballerina,” which will begin production this summer. The announcement came at this year’s CinemaCon, which also revealed that “Live Free or Die Hard” director Len Wiseman would helm the project with “Parabellum” writer Shay Hatten penning the screenplay.

The new film will have a similar premise to the original “John Wick,” which followed its titular character avenging the death of his adorable puppy, the main difference here being that “Ballerina” will follow de Armas as she seeks vengeance for the death of her entire family. Fans of the franchise will recall seeing de Armas in “Parabellum” as an assassin in training, meaning “Ballerina” will most likely function as a proper spin-off to “Parabellum” instead of a prequel or origin story.

“John Wick” has been an immensely popular franchise with audiences, who can’t get enough of the unique blend of pathos and bone-crunching action sequences, reminiscent of directors like John Woo and the Wachowskis. The role has all but completely revitalized the career of Keanu Reeves, who has enjoyed a renewed popularity since the franchise first debuted in 2014.

It’s hard to find an action movie today that isn’t at least partially influenced by “John Wick,” with recent releases like “Deadpool 2” and “Nobody” taking a page from the “John Wick” handbook. And thanks to directors like David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, who are both loaded with upcoming projects for the foreseeable future, the fun isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Ana de Armas, too, has been enjoying a streak of popular roles in films like 2021’s “No Time to Die” and this year’s “Deep Water,” where she starred alongside “Justice League” actor Ben Affleck.

The actress also stars in Andrew Dominik’s controversial new film “Blonde,” a fictionalized Marilyn Monroe biopic that’s been dubbed as “unreleasable” by Netflix due to its graphic content. Despite that, the film is expected to premiere at some point in 2022. Lastly, there’s “The Gray Man,” the latest Russo Brothers project for Netflix, which is expected to debut this year, as well.

De Armas has become one of Hollywood’s most exciting recent stars, with a diverse array of roles across genres that have showcased her incredible range. From horror to drama to comedy and everything in between, Ana de Armas is a force of nature that’s not to be underestimated.