Kids will do the funniest things. Lelê, a two-year-old girl, became a viral sensation in Brazil when her mom uploaded a video of her doing her makeup to match her dog. 

In the video Lelê, which is a nickname for Letícia, is looking in the mirror with black circles painted over her eyes when her mom asks her why she painted her eyes that way. The reasoning was just adorable. Lelê responded in Portuguese, “Because I wanted to look just like Cântico.”  

Cântico is the nickname she gave to her dog, Francisco

The little dog has white fur and two black spots over his eyes, but the expression the dog gave when Lelê’s mom shifted the camera over to him was priceless and just made the video even more adorable. 

The video has received a lot more attention than Lelê’s mom had anticipated, with the original clip getting over 8 million views on Instagram and being shared in various languages. 

The popularity has led Lelê’s mom to post even more adorable pictures of Lelê and Cântico. She has even started posting about the family’s life in Río de Janeiro and answering questions that fans send her on Instagram.

This video is exactly what we need to get motivated to take on the week. Hopefully, it won’t be the last that we hear about the adorable story of Lelê and Cântico.