A groom just broke the internet for his behavior at his recent wedding — but for all the wrong reasons.

A since-deleted video posted by TikTok user @cynthiaumunze sent social media into a tizzy earlier this month. The would-be romantic clip shows a bride and groom walking down the aisle to Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” after exchanging vows.

While that sounds sweet enough, there was a problem. The groom couldn’t stop checking his phone the entire time he walked down the aisle with his new wife.

Was he checking the Dominos app? Texting his buddies (or as some TikTok chismosos wonder, his mistress)? Checking the Miami Heat vs. Denver Nuggets score? Maybe he was planning a fantastic surprise for the bride… but couldn’t it have waited a minute?

Here’s everything to know about the wedding video that just broke the internet

So first, it’s only appropriate you watch the pretty cringey video. While the bride looks absolutely gorgeous and happy (actually glowing!), the groom is glued to his phone and barely looks up while walking down the aisle:

As one Twitter user described, this video is screaming: “My body is here with you, but my mind is outside of town.” No lies detected.

The video has already amassed more than 40 million views on Twitter alone, so it’s definitely resonating with people. As one user wrote, “There is absolutely no reason for the groom to be pressing his phone for prolonged periods of time on his wedding day.”

Other Twitter replies are all juicier. One particularly poignant comment? “Y’all relationship truly inspire me… to be single 🚩.” Ouch.

Another added, “This man won’t ever get that moment back……. And she’ll never forget it. Damn shame.”

Of course, because it’s the internet, the memes came pouring in. What does this guy need? As one user put it, a knuckle sandwich served cold:

Another joked about the groom’s whereabouts after his wife saw he was on his phone the whole time:

One person defended the groom, questioning whether he was on his phone for work: “Gotta pay for this wedding some how lol.”

Still, most said it was “hard to watch” and “so disrespectful.” Another Twitter user said this is grounds for an “early divorce,” while yet another replied, “I don’t care whoever is texting you, this behavior is totally not acceptable.”

On TikTok, the viral videos about the moment can’t stop, won’t stop

As TikTok user @gracebe_lla said, “This trending wedding video got a lot of people angry… If that was me… Only God knows what would happen.”

She continued, “A lot of women are not happy in their marriage, they are just happy to be married.” Oof.

Another TikToker said this is what “getting married in 2023” is like. Questioning, “That’s what we’re coming to?” He later said to his followers, “I hope this is not real.”

TikTok user @gizzellecade also chimed in to the debate, saying, “Look at this guy on his phone the entire time… The second-hand embarrassment, how awful.”

She added, “Everybody you love, like your friends and family, they’re there. So who’s on the phone? Who’s on the phone? It’s giving mistress.”


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While we don’t know about that, others still defend the groom. One person wrote, “He may have had to take care of some urgent business on the phone at the time,” while another theorized, “The man is an FX or Crypto trader. Mind on the money.”

Most people, though? Well, their main takeaway is this: “If my man ever does this i’m walking back up the aisle and marrying his cousin instead.” LOL.

At least he’s not the guy who actually married his phone at the Little Las Vegas Chapel back in 2016? All about perspective!