TikTok has become a place of videos celebrating everyone’s cultural heritage and Aylen Park is adding to that expansive library. The multilingual TikToker is showing off her Spanish and Korean language skills. The Latina-Asian representation is what we all need to see.

Aylen Park is using TikTok to show what it means to be American, Argentinian, and Korean.

We all know that switching between languages is something that binds us. You and your mom can be excitedly speaking in English and then slip right into Spanish without ever realizing it. As Park shows, there are people who spend time juggling more than two languages with their families.

She’s ready to teach you Argentinian phrases.

Fans of “The Queen’s Gambit” went wild when they learned that Anya Taylor-Joy spoke Spanish because she is Argentinian. Thanks to Park, we can all learn some Argentinian slang to feel even closer to the Netflix star. Who knows, you might learn a new phrase to introduce into your everyday library.

She is showing people just how different Spanish can be between countries.


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Just like the United States, the dialect changes depending where you are. New York English is very different than Texas English which is different than California English. Of course that would mean that Argentinian Spanish is different than Mexican Spanish which is different than Cuban Spanish. Some things even have completely different words depending on where you are in the Spanish-speaking world.

She is even giving Argentina’s food some much-needed love and attention in the spotlight.

Asado Argentino is one of the most spectacular cuts of meat and a wonderful dish. This family knows how to throw down to make an asado Argentino that can make your mouth water through your phone screen. The pink, juicy meat with a perfect charred crisp on the outside is the kind of thing that makes you fall in love with food.

If you don’t follow Park yet, get to it.

She will bring all of that relevant Argentinian content you need. Her way of highlighting her incredibly intersectional life is astounding and what we are all living for right now.

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