Of course, we all have our secrets.

Things we hold tightly to our hearts and that we would never really feel comfortable sharing. Still, sometimes we can’t help but let things off our chests every once in a while. Users on Reddit know this truth, it’s why for years they’ve headed over to the platform to anonymously share their darkest and deepest.

Check out some of the creepiest secrets and confessions shared on Reddit below!

“That my mother was abusive to me as a kid. I kept it for 22 years. I told my dad a few months back. I told him in anger because I blamed him for letting it happen.

He truly didn’t know the extent, she kept it well hidden.

He then explained to me that he tried to protect me from her and he did when he was around. He told me he’d been in an abusive relationship with her. She separated him from every friend and family member he had. She took his entire paycheck and wouldn’t let him have a card.

She told him he couldn’t leave her because she’d never allow him to see me again.

My dads not perfect and he left me in dangerous situations but he tried at least. And now both of our 20+ year secrets are out to each other.

Edit: thank you so much for all of the positivity and pms it’s really made me smile today.”-originalusername1996

“There was a guy who confessed that he stalked a girl for a year, hacked her love interest’s computer, planted a load of evidence that love interest had been stalking her and was into a load of weird and creepy stuff, revealed it to girl, helped girl to get a restraining order on love interest, used that as his way in with the girl, and eventually married her … what the actual fuck.”- ashdelete

“Recently moved to a new place. My neighbor next house is 80 years old cool guy. We clicked off pretty good since he lives alone and i beeing on a road for so long at a time (truck driver) im single dude in mid 30s. He told me that his cousin used to be a truck driver as well. What he told me that none in his family(my neighboors) knew that he has had 2 families. One in a North Dakota and other in Nebraska. Dude was married to a 2 women and had a kids with both. He pulled it for 20 years neither of them knowing of the existence of the other. As a truck driver, i can totally see this beeing legit – Just sayin ‘honey, i have a load to deliver to…’”- _r6man_

“Sadly, I find these stories pretty easy to believe. I knew a naval officer whose job involved explaining benefits to bereaved spouses and families after the military spouse passed away. A surprisingly big part of this was explaining to people who thought they were widows that they weren’t… that there were no benefits, because their partner actually had a different legal spouse. Usually it was people failing to legally divorce and becoming a bigamist through laziness or ignorance, but more than once the deceased had been actively maintaining two households.”- Lampyrinae

“I have a relative who committed suicide, and next to their note, they left a small stack of things they wanted to be buried with. Several days after the funeral, the director of the funeral home called my mom and let her know that sadly, the items my relative wanted to be buried with did not get put in the coffin. It happens sometimes, and he told mom that they try to contact the family member who seems least likely to lose their shit over it. I’m paraphrasing of course, but my mom was the perfect person; the woman is unflappable. Mom went up to the funeral home and they returned the items to her. She told me the story once, and that nobody in the family knew, but that she wanted me to know where the items were in case she passed before she found an appropriate time to give the items to my relative’s kids (it was some photographs of my relative with family and friends, and then a wedding ring). The kids were very young so it wasn’t appropriate for her to give it to them at the time. It’s been well over 20 years, and I don’t think she has ever passed the things on. We have never discussed it again, and I haven’t ever told anyone. One day I am sure I’ll have to have that conversation with one or both of my relative’s kids, but until then, this is the only time I’ve said anything about it.”- Likely_Not_Your_Mom

“I killed my best friends fish while watching it for her while she was on vacation. Then I replaced it with a fish that looked nothing like it and told everyone that they were crazy for thinking that it wasn’t the same fish.

Edit- it was accidental, and the fishes were the same type of fish but they just didn’t look the same. i also watched it for two weeks and it just happened to die on the last day. And to top it off the fish that I bought to replace the other one died a week later.”- carrieuhome

“My parents have no idea that I didn’t graduate college when I said I did. In the spring of my senior year, I overloaded and took 6 classes instead of 5, in order to graduate on time. My grandmother passed away that semester, and in the aftermath I was so depressed that I barely passed 5 of the classes and failed the 6th entirely. My parents aren’t abusive, but I was living with them at the time and they would never have let me live it down. My school let me walk, so I just lied and told them I had finished. I already had a job lined up when I was supposed to have graduated, so I started working, and a year later I took an online course to finish my degree. My parents just think my diploma got messed up by the school, and that’s why it was late.”-SingProud28

“My sister’s cat died during the night a couple days ago, and I’m the one who found her in the morning. I lied to my sister about how I found her. I said she was lying on the ground and possibly had a heart attack (which would explain her eyes being wide open, I couldn’t close them).

I actually found her trapped, under the dining table, hanging between two chairs with her front legs, with her head back. She must have fallen and couldn’t free herself (she didn’t have good control of her claws anymore). She looked like Jesus on the cross, completely stiff from rigor mortis. I was fucking horrified and still can’t get the image out of my head. It hurts me so much to know that her last moments were of suffering. I now can’t ever tell my sister how it really happened.

Edit: To slightly soften the story, she was a very old cat, about to turn 20 years old. What was unbelievable was that it was on the morning of the day we had booked a vet appointment to put her to sleep. My sister actually feels relief that she died ‘naturally’ rather than being taken to a strange place she didn’t know. I can’t share the same sentiment, sadly, but I’m just relieved that she is relieved.”- Usidore_

“I am not deaf but I am hearing impaired and use hearing aids. About a year ago, I temporarily moved to a town in the United States and went into a market where a far too excited employee greeted me and I could tell she would never let up so I pretended to be deaf so she’d let me be.

I thought I’d move back home after a few months and only go there once or twice. It’s been a year and they have the best fresh produce. I’m there all the time.

She’s learning sign language to talk to me.”- Hiyagaja

“That my Dad was cheating on my mom. I found out during middle school/beginning of high school but kept it between my sister and me. We weren’t sure what to do. Today my mom found out while fighting with my dad. The secret just came out of me when he walked away and she wanted to go after him. She was first upset that I had been dealing with that four 5ish years, but later on she started to turn her anger about it towards me. Just laying in bed not sure how to continue. My parents have always fought since I was little and always put me in the middle of it so I shouldn’t be surprised.”- Reddit User

“my mom cheated on my dad a lot when i was growing up and i knew about it and it has always been one of the most painful things ive ever had to deal with. she was not only emotionally abusive and manipulative towards me (she knew i knew) but she was also physically abusive towards my brother and me. one time she picked my toddler brother up by his hair and threw him into a wall. i remember sitting on the stairs and just crying and covering my body because i was scared she was going to come for me next.

i tried talking this out with my most recent therapist because it is something i have never been able to fully process and work through. i usually just shove it deep down and if it starts to bubble up, i just shove it back down again. she was kind of dismissive and told me that all mother-daughter relationships are complicated.

im sorry you had to carry the weight of your dad’s secret around with you. that is so unfair, and it really robbed you of a “normal” childhood experience.”- mrschestnyspurplehat