Even though the world is eager to see Margot Robbie take on her new role as Barbie in the upcoming “Barbie” film, some of us are excited for Ryan Gosling to become our idyllic guy again — this time, as Ken.

Let’s face it, Gosling stole our hearts and became the man of our dreams when he played Noah Calhoun in “The Notebook.” Then, he got us all riled up when he took his shirt off and lifted Emma Stone a-la “Dirty Dancing” in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” And basically became an honorary Cubano after marrying Eva Mendes.

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The heartthrob already went viral for revealing his favorite Spanish word while speaking to Netflix’s Con Todo during promo for his film, “The Gray Man,” and shared his love for arroz con leche. But it doesn’t stop there, the Canadian actor is taking the cultura one step further— to Barbieland.

Turns out Ken also delves in the Latine world and has a favorite saying — “¡Ay, que rico baby!” We can only theorize on where he picked that one up.

Ryan Gosling’s favorite Spanish word is “Coño” and he loves arroz con leche

When Ryan Gosling first said “Coño” was his favorite Spanish word, Latines all over the internet rejoiced.

“Everything is coño, coño. Like, coño is always there for you,” he said in his interview with Netflix’s Con Todo.

He also claimed his favorite dessert of all time was “Eva’s mom’s arroz con leche,” admitting it’s “like an angel is crying on your tongue.” We feel you, Ryan, we feel you.

Aside from picking up a few Spanish words from Mendes over the last decade, the actor also dished on how she helped him throughout his preparation for his role as Ken.


#RyanGosling says #EvaMendes and their daughters inspired his Ken and even visited the #Barbie set to cheer him on! 💗💓 #barbiethemovie #barbietiktok #barbiemovie

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“She’s basically become my acting coach,” he said on the “Barbie” red carpet. Adding his family moved to London to accompany him while filming.

Ken’s favorite phrase is “¡Ay, que rico baby!” and the internet is here for it

Just as we thought Gosling had won us over with his first Spanish reveal, now he’s bringing us a phrase we just #ken’t shake off. Turns out in Barbieland they’ve also been practicing their Spanish and Ken has a favorite line: “¡Ay, que rico baby!”

The internet, of course, is heating up after this new detail. Plus, they’ve got their own theories on how Ken could’ve learned it.

On Twitter, this user admits Gosling speaking in Spanish is her “guilty pleasure.”

However, Instagram users are commenting on the video; theorizing Mendes may be behind Ken’s favorite phrase. Has he been learning some Spanish in the real world?

As one user put it “Now we know Eva be putting it down with that Latina sazón😂.” Another chimed in with, “Long story short..Get you a Cuban.”

Meanwhile, this other Twitter user is reminiscing on another time Ken spoke Spanish in Mexico.

One thing we know for sure is we can’t wait to see “Barbie” in theaters on July 21.