Mexican TV personality and host Poncho De Anda was on vacation with his family when they noticed a dog stuck in freezing cold water. The family jumped into action and successfully rescued the dog, who is now in stable condition according to Good News Movement.

De Anda uploaded an Instagram video of the incident on December 31 with the caption: “I thought I was only going to see this in videos, but we had to save a dog that fell into an ice lake.” The incident occurred in Lac-Beauport, a town in Quebec, Canada, where the family was on vacation.

The De Anda family springs into action

In the beginning of the video, two children are calling out to a dog they met and named Snowball while De Anda approaches him with a large stick.

De Anda’s kids then warn him to be careful, telling him that he’s standing on the ice that had broken off when the dog fell in. The video then cuts to a woman, who is presumably De Anda’s wife, holding the large stick while De Anda holds her back from falling into the lake and tells her to stay calm.

The woman then lays all the way down on the ice while she grabs the dog and pulls him out of the water. De Anda joins her, grabbing the dog’s arms while she grabs his legs. The dog is clearly in shock and unable to move his limbs. De Anda and his wife get him back to the snowy ground safely and begin drying him off.

It’s difficult to discern how many people are on the scene because the camera never turns away from Snowball. However, it seems like there at least five bystanders, including De Anda and the woman who helps rescue the dog.

Commenters only wanted to know if the dog is okay

De Anda’s original Instagram post garnered a bit more than 4,000 likes, with many commenters asking about the dog’s current condition. De Anda responded to one of the commenters, asking if everything was okay, writing, “esta bien.”

However, when Good News Movement posted the video on their page a couple days later, it racked up over 200,000 likes and more than 2 million views. Some commenters joked about the dog looking so calm throughout the whole ordeal, but many others were quick to correct them.

“Thank God they got him! It looks like he had already started losing function in his legs. He must have been in shock from the cold,” wrote @meganmochachino. Elsewhere, @sumedhbilgi added, “For everyone that thinks the pup was ‘relaxed’ – no, what you’re seeing is a soul that had given up after fighting and freezing in terrible conditions. Thank goodness the family got there.”

It’s pretty rare that you get to go on vacation and become a hero, let alone a viral sensation on top of that. All in all, we’d say that was a pretty good trip.