When thinking of traveling to Mexico, Monterrey may not always be at the top of your list — but it definitely should be.

As tourists gravitate towards places like Cancun, Acapulco, or the Riviera Maya, there’s more to Mexico than meets the eye. Especially when it comes to the region of Nuevo León, which mitú got to visit alongside none other than professional soccer winger Diego Lainez.

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In his new initiative alongside Expedia, “Travel Like Diego,” mitú joined Lainez before the Mexico Men’s National Team MexTour, visiting some of his favorite restaurants, hidden spots, and gems found only in his new home of Monterrey.

“I’m very happy to be in a city as beautiful as Monterrey,” Lainez told mitú.

Here are 9 top must-do’s you on your next trip to Monterrey as told by Lainez.

Favorite Spots Around the City:

Parque Fundidora

The urban park is located on the grounds of Latin America’s first steel and iron foundry. Now, the spot is home to fountains, boats, games, museums and more. Lainez claims he “loves it,” especially when going with family.

Mirador del Obispado

Nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Oriental, Monterrey got its name for being the “King of Hills” and there’s no better place to catch the mountains at sunset than at the Mirador del Obispado. Featuring the biggest monumental flag in Mexico, the hill is at an altitude of 775 meters above sea level where you can get a 360 view of the mountain range and witness a stunning sunset.

Catch a Fútbol Game at the Estado Universitario in Monterrey

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a trip to Monterrey alongside Lainez without a visit to the Estadio Universitario, also known as “El Volcán.” The stadium is home to Lainez’s team, the Tigres UANL. Spot tickets and live the passion of fútbol alongside a cold beer and chicharrones.

Wake up to the best views of Monterrey at Live Aqua Urban Resort

If you’re looking for a centric hotel close to everything, that also boasts the best view of the mountains, we recommend staying at the Live Aqua Urban Resort. In San Pedro Garza García, the hotel is close to restaurants, bars, shopping and more. You can also delight in some of the best chilaquiles in the city at their restaurant.

Favorite Food Spots:

It wouldn’t be a visit to Monterrey without indulging in the region’s widespread gastronomy. A foodie himself, Lainez took us to some of his favorite spots and even dished on how he enjoys his tacos.

Gallo71 Restaurant

Lainez’s favorite spot for food in Monterrey, Gallo71, is as creative as it is delicious. Among our top dishes were the corazones de alcachofa asados con alioli, ceviche de atún con trufa piquín, the filete chemita con cebolla cambray asada and the ribeye.

Tacos El Güero

We had to ask about the best tacos in town according to Lainez, and his recommendation did not disappoint. Check out Tacos El Güero, with various locations around the city. The winger’s go-to order? Tacos de Asada, with just a touch of chile.

Botanero Moritas

We couldn’t leave the city without checking out Botanero Moritas, a venue with small plates, cocktails and beer full of flavor. The shrimp tacos, tostadas de atún, and fideos secos did not disappoint. We’d also recommend sipping on a “mezcalita” while you’re on it.


Inspired by Mexico’s northeastern region, Vernáculo blends gastronomy with a concept incorporating aromas, textures, customs and an artisan spin. From their frijoles negros con veneno (yes, poison), to their wood-fired grill with some of the best cuts of meat in the region, the restaurant is a must-go.

Favorite Spots to Connect With Nature:

Chipinque A.B.P Ecological Park

If you’re a fan of the mountains and want a stunning bird’s-eye view, then head to Chipinque Ecological Park. Located in the San Pedro Garza García district, the park is a great spot for hiking, having a picnic and seeing Monterrey from the top.

Cola de Caballo Nature Park

“I think it’s one of the best spots to clear your mind,” Lainez says. “It’s very relaxing.” Take in the striking beauty of the Cascada Cola de Caballo for a peek at Monterrey’s wildlife. The soothing waters trickle from the Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey.