The Mexico vs Poland draw, where both teams left the field without a single point, is a disappointing development even if it isn’t all that surprising. Nobody is expecting either of these teams to go all the way, so watching them play 97 minutes worth of keep away was nothing in comparison to Argentina‘s shocking loss against Saudi Arabia.

Still, even the worst World Cup games inspire some of the tournament’s best memes. To celebrate the online hilarity that ensues in each game’s wake, we wanted to keep you up-to-date on the best Latin American memes of the 2022 World Cup.

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Without further ado, here are the five best memes of this morning’s Mexico vs Poland game:

5. There is peace between nations

The battle between Mexico and Poland wasn’t exactly to the death, but there is undoubtedly some animosity between two teams who couldn’t score a single point between them.

However, we’re of the opinion that the drama needs to stay on the field. When the game is over, all that matters is that we get to take that animosity and turn it into odd culinary fusions like this.

4. Fans of both Mexico and Poland will lay waste to Chicago

The Windy City is home to a unique blend of ethnic populations, but none are quite as pronounced as the city’s Mexican and Polish communities. Because of that, World Cup fans are worried that Chicago will burn regardless of who won the game. Thankfully, the pandemonium seems to be at a minimum, but still…let’s keep our eyes on them.

3. If either team wins this game, Argentina will be in shambles

After Argentina’s surprise loss in their game against Saudi Arabia, they were hoping and praying for today’s outcome. When all was said and done, Mexico and Poland both walked off the field with just one point.

Still, Argentina is at the bottom of Group C’s leaderboard. They need to play perfectly from now until December 2 to even think about making it to the quarterfinals. But this draw? It helps.

2. The refs are showing no mercy…to Mexico

One of the highlights of the Mexico vs Poland game, depending on who you were rooting for, was how few stoppages there were. No matter how hard any player shed their crocodile tears, the refs were not having it.

At certain points throughout, the game did start to feel like a 97-minute-long bout of keep-away. Additionally, some fans felt like the refs were favoring Poland over Mexico. However, everyone agreed it was nice to see a game without too many interruptions.

1. This Mexico vs Poland game was kind of…boring

Thankfully, the refs weren’t too interested in stopping the game, if they could help it. But fans from both sides of the aisle agreed that the Mexico vs Poland game wasn’t anything to write home about, unfortunately. It’s always a bit of a disappointment when the teams are forced to accept a draw, but come on…give us something.

Bonus Meme: Mexico vs Poland Netflix adaptation, anyone?

Netflix, are you hearing us?