It’s officially Latino Heritage Month and what better way to ring it in than actually laughing all month long? Memes are our love language, so we’re sharing the wealth and giving you risas as big as Jennifer Lopez’s iconic “Mi gente Latino” speech at the 2011 American Music Awards. Yes, it comprises exactly how we feel right now:

Being Latino is, of course, a multitude of experiences. Still, funnily enough, there are many things we can all agree on. For one, Fabuloso is the top-tier cleaner, because Pine-Sol just doesn’t hit the same.

Whether or not you go for the classic, purple lavender scent is up to you (but yes, we have thoughts). On that note, Latinos also practically invented recycling (more on that in a bit) and we can agree that “Vivaporub” heals a stuffy nose, a cough, pimples, and… maybe even a broken heart.

And now, may we present to you 11 memes that just make sense if you’re Latino. Enjoy.

1. The classic cobija San Marcos meme

We couldn’t put together a Latino meme roundup without starting off with the fluffiest identity marker of them all: the classic cobija San Marcos. Why do so many Latinos have these blankets in their homes, always ready for a cold night or when you get hit by “el sereno”?

Well, these blankets, with designs featuring tigers, lions, horses, and more, were actually invented in Aguascalientes, Mexico in the 1970s. They were so high quality, that they practically became a Mexican institution. The creator’s brother once said that he wanted “to come up with [a blanket] that would last, that every Mexican would love.”

He got his wish — and by the time the internet came around, thousands of memes were born:

2. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom that uses Nescafé containers for salsita”

Why do so many of our Latino families love reusing containers? A Nescafé bottle is the perfect solution for housing homemade salsitas, but really — no plastic container is safe (we’re looking at you, mayonnaise bottles). As one X user said, this tradition is the epitome of everything this month represents… and we love it.

Just be careful the next time you want to serve yourself coffee in our house, and vice-versa!

3. On that note, Latinos invented recycling… prove us wrong

In our households, we love recycling a good birthday or Christmas gift bag. So much so, friends know exactly what gift is from us — because, well, that’s the bag. Why throw away a good gift bag, anyway?

Yes, our moms might steal back their bags after Noche Buena gift-giving is done, but we get it now. Our evolution as señoras is complete, and now we see the truth: Latinos basically invented recycling. Also, who else has a plastic bag with other bags inside of it under the sink? And why did we all live the same life?

4. Is it clean, or is it Fabuloso clean? There’s a difference!

Fabuloso is the top-tier cleaner on the market for Latinos and other brands just don’t compare — we said it. The brand, which was actually founded in Venezuela in 1980, just feels like home to us. Of course, we have a soft spot for the juicy purple lavender scent, but we can also go for lemon or orange when feeling spicy.

And yes, that recall this year sent all of us señoras into a frenzy for a second:

5. Why did we, our tías, abuelos, and primos all have these bowls growing up?

Yes, Latino Heritage Month may mean Fabuloso, recycling gift bags, or even empty Nescafé containers for some. However, for others, it’s all about the ceramic bowls you grew up with.

Did you grow up eating sopitas, caldos, and pozole out of a cream-beige bowl with orange, brown, or even blue trim? Well, then you get it. They just feel like casita, and will remind us of our moms and abuelas forever.

6. Yes, we’re ringing in this month watching celebs dance salsa, merengue, and more

We recently came upon a huge discovery on our X timeline. And yes, it is arguably one of the best ways to ring in Latino Heritage Month. How, you may ask? Well, watching celebrities dance to salsa and merengue… sort of.

One X user posted a video of Ariana Grande dancing in a concert, but changed the background music to “La Vida Es Un Carnaval” by Celia Cruz. We’ll never know what she was really dancing to, but we’re obsessed. It’s true, “No hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval,” and this video proves it!

Some artists really did give us their dance moves, though, like South Korean boy band NCT 127 on “Despierta America.” Here they are dancing to Wilfrido Vargas’ merengue:

And yes, we had to include La Taylor Swift recently dancing to Shakira’s “Whenever, Wherever” at this month’s VMAs:

7. Being Latino means eating cereal with bananas… and some honey

Did your dad teach you to eat your Corn Flakes cereal with milk, bananas, and maybe a drizzle of honey? Well, just so you know, that means you might be Latino — we don’t make the rules. It is an unofficial Latino tradition to slice a ripe banana right in your cereal for creaminess and flavor.

One more thing? While this cereal combination can be eaten at any time of the day, it hits differently at night. Yes, this is what we would munch on while watching “Jeopardy” with our dads, or Walter Mercado with our moms. Memories.

8. Does anything scream Latino Heritage Month more than la Doctora Polo?

What does Latino Heritage Month mean to many of us? Hilariously enough, Doctora Ana María Polo from “Caso Cerrado.” She is the moment, at least where our parents are concerned. “Caso Cerrado” gives us drama, tears, laughs, and truth — and yes, our parents and abuelos can’t get enough.

In the words of La Doctora Polo, “Aquí se habla español” LOL:

“Ningún good afternoon!”

9. Are people celebrating this month with a cake that looks like the aliens presented to the Mexican Congress? Maybe:

You may have heard of UFO expert Jaime Maussan presenting two alleged aliens to the Mexican Congress last week. These reported “non-human alien corpses” shocked the world, but because the internet is amazing, people meme-ified them.

While the jury is still out on the truth behind these “extraterrestrials,” one thing is for sure. We’re celebrating Latino Heritage Month with the cake version of the aliens, because… why not? Buen provecho!

10. Why did every single abuelita have these in a glass bowl in their house?

While we’re on the subject of sweets, why did every single abuelita and tía abuela have these candies in a glass bowl in their house? The strawberry hard candies weren’t exactly amazing, but they were somehow good enough to want to eat the whole bowl. That strawberry foil wrapper is taking us back right now.

Yes, we may just welcome our señora era by having a glass bowl of these in our homes now.

11. We couldn’t not include Vivaporub, our one and only:

And last but certainly not least, we had to include the Latino institution of Vicks Vaporub. Or, as our abuelitas call it, “Vivaporub.”

Remember how Windex worked for everything in the 2002 movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? Well, for Latinos, that’s vivaporub. The magic solution can shrink a pimple, cure un corazón roto, get those sinuses cleared, and just smells amazing. Rubbing Vicks Vaporub on your nostrils plus drinking some Sprite, though? You’re cured.

As one X user hilariously put it, this is our version of a first aid kit, LOL:

And this, well, speaks for itself. Happy Latino Heritage Month!