Us Latinos love a carne asada — and really, is there anything better? Growing up with carne asada parties meant eating some of the best-seasoned, grilled meat accompanied by veggies like corn and bell peppers and tons of tortillas, too. They also meant watching your parents, tíos and even abuelita get tipsy (or more than tipsy) on beer, tequila and rón — and yep, that’s us now.

Carne asadas bring together fire food, the best compañía including your family and friends, and of course some musiquita ranging from old Shakira hits to Luis Miguel. They’re a time for memories, for chisme and for telling your little cousin to stop trying to ride your dog like a horse — and that’s why we love these parties more than anything. We rounded up all the proof needed that Latinos will find any excuse to throw a carne asada… and who can blame us?

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1. Even the most unlikely parties actually just turn into standard carne asada get-togethers. 

Throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party? You better decorate your backyard and start firing up the grill.

2. Excess meat will be bought on purpose to host “unexpected” carne asadas.

Your parents will go to Costco or BJ’s and end up buying so much meat, they just have to host a carne asada. What else can you do with 50 kilos of skirt steak?

3. Ever wanted a pizza party for your birthday when you were little? Well, you got a carne asada.

Who else remembers the feeling of eating pizza and chicken nuggets at classmate’s birthday parties, only to get a huge carne asada barbecue for your own party? Your parents might have said pizza “no es comida,” but you probably got a bounce house or water guns so it’s all good.

4. Even Christmas and New Year’s parties can easily go into outdoor carne asada territory.

If you live in a hot climate, chances are, you know the carne asada for Christmas vibe very well. Alternatively, if you’re from the Caribbean, this might take the form of a “caja china,” or a huge roasting box for a whole pig. Happy holidays!

5. Your parents worked really hard their whole lives, so they’re not about to host indoor parties and have to clean up the whole day after. Carne asada it is.

That being said, even if you host an outdoor carne asada and guests come in through the backyard, you probably will still clean up the entire house just in case. 

6. Sometimes, clubbing is fun. Most times, a carne asada is better.

Who else is usually much more down for a carne asada than a club or bar night with friends? For one, carne asadas have meat, elotes, tortillas and more, plus you can pick your own music, actually talk to your friends and not spend way more than you planned. A club could never.

7. If it’s your birthday month, you might just have a carne asada every weekend.

We love to celebrate our birthday, so why not commemorate with a carne asada the whole month leading up to it? Extra points for at least three different cakes on your birthday (one has to have dulce de leche) and singing five different birthday songs that are each around 10 minutes long.