Just like Fanta had their Fantanas (the Fanta Girls were the moment in 2002), Fabuloso scents deserve much more attention that they get. While debate’s still out on whether were making the Fabulosas anytime soon (Fabuloso get back to us on the fire marketing idea), we’re getting a head-start analyzing what our favorite cleaning scents say about us.

Whether you like to keep it classic with O.G. Lavender, or venture out into Refreshing Lemon and aqua Tropical Spring (spicy), your favorite Fabuloso scent says much more about you than you think. Sure, you might check your horoscope all the time— but your Fabuloscope may be just as accurate. And if you’re green Passion of Fruits? Well, we’d like a word. Ahead, find each candy-colored Fabuloso bottle, choose your fighter, and get ready to feel seen.

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1. Classic Lavender

If you stock up on Lavender and Lavender only, then your personality type is señora and proud (we don’t make the rules). Every Fabuloso fan knows that the Lavender scent is the O.G., the one señoras in Venezuela used when the product was invented there in 1980. Lavender is fresh and clean, but also flowery like that perfume your abuela has on her vanity. It makes your house smell like a floral bouquet your mom would definitely approve of. If you go for Lavender, you’re a traditionalist at heart, and believe you can never go wrong with the classics. You’re probably a bit of a perfectionist, and you always order the same menu item at restaurants. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

2. Refreshing Lemon

Ah, Refreshing Lemon— slightly reminiscent of Pine-Sol, but because it’s Fabuloso… it’s better. This cleaning scent is like a lemon drop meets limoncello meets a squeeze of lime on your fruit of choice. In short, it is refreshing, and will make your house smell squeaky-clean. If you choose the lemon scent, we have to say you’re probably a clean-freak who washes the dishes and then puts them all in the dishwasher on the heated antibacterial setting. You may argue with your S.O. about keeping your house organized, but low-key enjoy cleaning anyway. Still, people may know you sunny and joyful to be around— just like this Fabuloso frontrunner.

3. Passion of Fruits

Okay, Passion of Fruits, we see you. We have to admit— this is a unique choice, but we get it. The fruit-forward scent is juicy and reminds us of delicious fresh-cut apples, while the color is giving green apple Jolly Rancher. Still, why choose Passion of Fruits over lavender, lemon, or another citrus? Hm. If this is your go-to, you probably like to stand out from the crowd— you go to obscure music festivals, few will relate to your Spotify car playlist, and you might like to shop for cool vintage pieces. Your house is probably full of one-of-a-kind trinkets, and you might even grow your own herbs in your terracita.

4. Citrus and Fruits with Baking Soda

Abuela, is that you? We kid— but this might be the top señora scent of them all (move over, lavender!). The magenta-scarlet Citrus and Fruits is another classic, but is also slightly hard to come by, unless you’re at your abuelitos’ house. This scent brings tons of fruit-forward juiciness just like Passion of Fruits, but focuses more on citrusy grapefruit and lime. Citrus and Fruits fans are señoras at heart, especially because you probably bought it for its baking soda components— the cleaning power! Still, you also give Virgo vibes: you keep things extra clean, and love a good bang for your buck (why buy other scents when they don’t bring in something extra to the mix?). You’re also the friend who always has best-kept secrets in their pocket. Just like you know about neighborhood hidden gems, you know this Fabuloso scent is top-tier.

5. Tropical Spring

Tropical Spring lovers are the life of the party, and are the free spirits of our Fabuloscope (move over, zodiac). To buy Fabuloso’s Tropical Spring, you have to venture away from classic Lavender, refreshing citrus, and the baking soda varieties— all in favor of dipping into tropical paradise instead. If you stock up on this scent, you’re always daring, and the go-to friend for spontaneous adventures. Sky-diving? Zip-lining? Impromptu trip to go wine-tasting, snowboarding or both at the same time? Done. And while your house can sometimes be a bit of a mess, it’s decorated with knick knacks from all your dreamy trips over the years. Tropical Spring transports you to the beach vacation you’ve been dreaming of.

6. Bleach Alternative Spring Fresh

While deep-blue Bleach Alternative Spring Fresh sometimes gets confused for the aqua-tinged Tropical Spring, we’re talking about very different animals here. Spring Fresh might actually be more canonically type-A than Refreshing Lemon, which is really saying something. If you love this extra-fresh, squeaky scent, you’re not necessarily interested in your house smelling like flowers, fruit, or anything you can put your finger on. You just want it to be clean. Spring Fresh fans love self-care, and always manage to have freshly-washed hair, a perfect manicure, and the energy to have five side hustles (on average). While you probably love using Clorox on most surfaces, you love how this scent takes you to glittering Cleanland without the bleach.

7. Orange with Baking Soda

And last, we had to include the lesser-used Fabuloso hidden gem: Orange with baking soda. First up, if your favorite ice cream flavor growing up was orange creamsicle, you probably gravitate to this one subconsciously. This scent brings fresh-squeezed juiciness to your home, and gives it a zing of energy you love. If you’re an orange Fabuloso fan, you’re the kind of person que no para. Apart from your time-intensive job, Facebook Marketplace side hustles, and hobbies like knitting mermaid tails for your little cousins, you love to stay active and live for a good workout. You’re all over the place at any given time, probably love chisme, and make new friends easily.