Traveling to Paris, France, for an extravagant quinceañera celebration surrounded by family and friends may seem like a dream, but the reality turned out differently for one quinceañera. Kiara, the daughter of the Mexican business couple, Peter and Lili, went viral for her somber expression during her parents’ speech at her quince.


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In a video circulating on social media, an uncomfortable moment unfolded as Kiara’s mother took the microphone to share a few words. “I’m going to say it live too. Kiarita, at 12 years old, had her first period. She received it with joy and happiness. There is no shame in saying this because they are stages of womanhood,” she said.

However, Kiara didn’t seem too thrilled about her mother’s personal confession, and her face showed it.

Kiara remained stoic throughout her celebration, even during the first dance

The quinceañera’s mother continued her speech, highlighting that she hopes her daughter can continue seeing life without fear, ready to face the challenges that will come in her life. The same way she did when she got her period.

But Kiara appeared melancholic, not cracking a smile even as her uncle Erik Robert, aka El Charro, performed “No crezcas más” by Tercer Cielo. The song honors the gifts received from God, such as children.

During the party, Kiara’s paternal grandmother also took the microphone to reminisce about her childhood, sharing stories with the guests.

Then, when it was finally time to cut the cake and sing “Happy Birthday,” Kiara appeared uncomfortable, refraining from joining the crowd and rejecting hugs and kisses from her parents.

On social media, users expressed their concerns about the quinceañera’s mental health in response to the viral party

The epic event occurred this November, and since then, several social media accounts have reposted clips, with many expressing sympathy for Kiara.

Some are sad for her and worried about her mental health.

“How sad this girl looks. That’s not normal. Her parents are so happy, and her brother is so cute. She needs help. Maybe her parents don’t see the sadness of this girl,” commented a user on Instagram.

Many criticized the family’s behavior.

“There is something wrong with this family. It is very creepy, disrespectful, and humiliating,” wrote a TikTok user.

Others also commented on her mother’s need for attention. “She is a violent mother. Exposing the privacy of children is also abuse. Poor girl,” they shared on X.

Others believed she might have wanted something different for that day.

“Which 15-year-old would be happy to celebrate with old people? She only smiles when with her cousin. My daughter is serious too,” shared a TikTok mom.

This weekend, the 15-year-old’s mother responded to criticism on TikTok.

“Officially, she turns 15 today. Kiara, we love you, beautiful quinceañera, and for the critics, even if you don’t see the great expression you expect, she enjoyed her trip and party. You like it or not, believe it or not.”


Oficialmente hoy cumple 15 años 🎉Kiara te amamos hermosa Quinceañera 💕 y para los criticones aunque no veas su gran expresión que esperas, ella disfrutó mucho su viaje y su fiesta 🥳 les guste o no 😃lo crean o no 😉. Gracias 🙏 Fotografía @michelleandalexander_ #quinceañera #happybday #familia #paris #cumpleaños #peternlili #lilitorresfit #petertorreslomeli #elcharroylamayrita

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