Comedy not only can make you laugh but also encourages critical thinking. Mónica Liao is a Latina influencer who uses her sense of humor to address social issues. Recently, she went viral for her creative take on prejudice.

In a hilarious video, the influencer, also known as La Mente Open, delves into an alternate reality, showing us what it would be like if Latinos used similar words that some Americans do in conversations.

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“If Latinos talked about gringos, the way gringos talk about Latinos” is the message Liao used to share the video on her Instagram account, which has reached over 3 million users.

In the clip, Liao points out how it can be offensive when Americans mispronounce Latino names for convenience, comment that you “don’t look like” where you say you’re from, or make tasteless jokes.

Liao is a Dominican-Taiwanese producer using her humor to express her opinions on controversial subjects

In a podcast interview with Wilferland, Liao shared her background: her dad is from Taiwan, and she and her mother were born in the Dominican Republic.

She explained that her project, La Mente Open, was born after an unsuccessful attempt to become a YouTuber. However, her luck changed when she created her Instagram page and posted a video sharing her honest point of view, which resonated with people.

“[The videos] are an exaggerated version of what I think. I say things more pronounced to grab attention and clarify my point,” said the producer.

In response to the positive reception of her video, Liao released a second part, addressing issues related to guns, cultural bias, language, and food.

Social media users are echoing her video and sharing their own experiences with discrimination

Liao’s satire sparked thousands of reactions on social media, particularly among those who aren’t American and have felt discriminated against because of their roots. 

“One time, a girl asked where I was from, so I told her, ‘Oh, I’m from Venezuela,’ then she said, ‘Oh, my God, I’m so sorry’. Like dude, what the actual f&ck,” shared an Instagram user.

This person actually had to give a geography lesson:

“Once, a white American dude asked me, where are you from? And the guy was like, Venezuela, El Salvador? And then I said Mexico, and he said, ‘Same thing, they are all in South America.’ I was like, ‘Eh, no, Mexico is in North America,” added another person.

While others have had to morderse la lengua at comments like these:

“I’m Mexican, and one time, I was telling a funny story about my mom; she was in medical school in Mexico, and one white guy said with a straight face, ‘Wow, your family is like educated.’ He was surprised and dead serious,” commented another person.

Meanwhile, some Americans were also present in the comments.

“As an American, it’s cracking me up how all these Americans in the comments are getting in their feelings. As they say, a hit dog will holler,” wrote a user.

Another person shared: “Okay, but for real, she nailed our healthcare system and gun issues.”

Others think Caucasians are not the bad ones in the story.

“White people are not jack up. They are the nicest, with the occasional Karen and old white guy. Usually, all the other races/ethnicities treat us like crap,” commented a person. Another one added: “Where do you all live? White people are speaking better Spanish than us.”