Let’s just say it — Latina moms are the best. Fierce and sometimes seriously overprotective, there’s no doubt our mamis deserve a trophy. Setting us straight when we came home with a less-than-perfect report card, making us the best arroz con pollo, and always wanting the best for us, what would we do without our moms?

Well, one mother from Texas just proved momma-bear-greatness once again when she laid down the law at her daughter’s quinceañera. Guests fighting and misbehaving? Not gonna happen.

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This happen tonight and I don’t blame her 😎💯👌 !!!!! Mother mad at Takuaches trying to fight at her daughters 15. #fyp #quinceañera #inztinkto #parati #cumbia #956valley🌴 #houstontxcheck

♬ original sound – Eddie Gomez

Guests started fighting at the quinceañera — and the mom was not having it

The mother hired the Houston-based banda Grupo InZtinkto for her daughter’s quinceañera, and everything was going spectacular. However, the worst soon happened — some guests started fighting, potentially ruining the festivities. The band’s singer Eddie Gomez posted on TikTok what happened next, and let’s just say the mom held it down.

As Gomez explained, the mother was “mad” at people “trying to fight at her daughters 15″— and he wasn’t kidding. Actually, take the word “mad” up about 200 notches. The quinceañera’s mom grabbed the microphone from Gomez, and set her guests straight.

She started with, “I need everybody’s attention right now,” which immediately let everyone know it was about to go down. The mom continued, “Please be quiet. Literally, this is a celebration for my daughter. It took a lot of effort to get here, okay?”

Directing herself to the disrespectful guests, she said: “I don’t need anybody fighting here… If you’re gonna fight, get out.” She said what she said!


#greenscreen Mom Reveal 🤣🤣💯😎 don’t play with her daughters Quincenera 😎 @Grupo INZTINKTO #mommabear #quinceañera #viral #fyp #parati #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Eddie Gomez

She reminded everyone that it is a “privilege” to be invited to a quince, and wasn’t about to get the party “shut down” because of their “little games.”

The momma bear ended her statement with the very straight-to-the-point: “Stop fighting, or get the f**k out.”

As the banda’s singer said (and we’re LOLing right now): “Se tenía que decir, y se dijo.” Yessir!

A later video posted by the quince band’s singer shows a photo of the mom and her daughter, who looks gorgeous in her blue quinceañera dress. He said, “That’s the mom… she don’t bullsh*t when it comes to her daughter’s 15.” No, she does not!

As one TikTok commenter wrote, “I totally agree with her. It’s time consuming and every detail that goes into it. Just so it can get ruined.. c’mon 😠.”

Another agreed, “😳Well said !!!! Lots of work goes into preparing for that special day!” Yet another chimed in, “This gave me chills. Go mom!!.”

What do you think about the mom’s reaction?