One man on Instagram just opened up a conversation that many Latinos know all too well. Why do so many Hispanic parents have a hard time talking about mental health? And why do they easily believe in brujería, Walter Mercado rerun predictions and “Caso Cerrado”… but not depression?

As Instagram user Adrian Cuellar put it in a viral video, “Hispanic parents will believe in the devil, brujería, and La Llorona but draw the line at depression and anxiety.” No lies detected.

He then asked his followers, “Nah but who else’s parents are like this?” and the responses came flooding in. One user commented on their own experience: “When you bring up depression they tell you how they used to work three jobs, sleep two hrs and feed four kids and go to school all at the same time.”

Another agreed, “They’ve seen spirits but can’t stand to see me cry.” If your parents ever got angry at you for crying — you can probably relate.

Hundreds of more IG users felt this post in their bones for a reason. Case in point? One user put it like this: “My fellow Hispanics, we have alot of work to do to break these generational curses [and] trauma.”

As you can expect, Cuellar’s video has led into a much-needed discussion about Latino parents and mental health. And yes — a startling amount of us can relate.

This man’s video has sparked a discussion on navigating mental health issues while growing up Latino

Cuellar’s video might make you chuckle — but only because it’s so true, it’s almost funny. Still, it speaks to a very real experience for many of us.

One person could relate far too well: “My mom was talking about [how] we can’t have a cat because cats have a strand of the devil’s hair on their tail?! But when I told her I had depression [and] anxiety, she said ‘Wash the dishes, clean your room it’ll go away.'”

Yet another user posted a comment that has since garnered more than 1,000 likes: “[Latino parents] don’t believe in depression and anxiety all while not [knowing] they have their own traumas to work through 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️.”

She’s not wrong. Generational trauma is a very real thing, and many of our Hispanic parents have been through so much — they prefer not to confront their issues (or ours) at all.

In fact, one look at TikTok shows that thousands of people have made videos describing this very same issue.

For one, TikTok user @yourrealtormel posted a video about a Hispanic parent’s reaction to telling them you feel depressed: “Sana, sana colita de rana, b**ch.” LOL.


“Mom i feel depressed” “so get to work” …☠️ #fyp

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Another TikTok user, @lucaslopezvilet, posted an admittedly-hilarious video about this very same experience. One note: it’s definitely worth a watch.

In the video, Lopez takes on the role of a Latino dad who just heard his child saying they’re depressed.

“You’re what? Depressing?” the “dad” laughs. “Brother, you know how I used to go to school every single day back home?”

“I used to have a bike, bicycle, no wheels in the front, no wheels in the back, I used to drive that. And you’re depressed?”

Lopez’s “dad” character continues, asking, “Listen, why don’t you ‘depress’ your money together and help around the house?”

As one user commented on the video, “ARE YOU MOCKING MY DAD?? Because wowwwwww the accuracy lol.” Another wrote, “My dad told me once being depressed is a privilege only Americans have. I was like ok dad thanks for the talk 🥹🤣.”

One common solution for Latino parents to “cure” depression? Make you clean, of course

Meanwhile, tons of people are also talking about Hispanic parents’ famous “cure-all” for depression. Vivaporub, maybe? Not quite — just clean something!

In fact, as one X user put it, many Hispanic parents believe depression is just laziness:

Over on TikTok, users continue to make skits about Hispanic parents’ reactions to telling them you’re depressed. For one, TikToker @im.gordinho acted out an all-too-real conversation… that ends with his mom telling him to clean:


When you tell your hispanic mother you have depression 💀 #fypシ #fypシ゚ #comdey #fyp

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After telling his mom he is depressed, she replies, “You know what? Your depression will go away with this,” throwing him a broom. “Go clean! Go clean!”

Yet another joked how telling your Latino dad you’re depressed means they will probably reply, “Ponte las pilas”:

One TikTok user showed an authentic portrayal of how Latina moms think cleaning cures everything:

Similarly, @pnk_skimask showed many Hispanic moms’ responses to conversations about depression: “Depressed? Ponte las pilas and get a job,” “It’s because you don’t have a girlfriend,” and “It’s because you’re on TikTok all day.”


Hispanic moms when you tell them you’re depressed #fypシ #latina #lentejas

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TikTok user @evisiskos also acted out a portrayal of a Latina mom… and it’s so accurate, we have to lie down for a bit.

“You’re depressed? No, mija. That’s not called depression, that’s called laziness.”

“Clean your room so your depression goes away,” she continues. “You have a house, you have a roof, you have food, you’re pretty, you’re in school, do you know how many people would like to be in your position right now?”

“I hope God forgives you for saying something like this.” Oh… my. So, we’ve all lived the same life, then!


It’s not depression it’s laziness 🤦🏻‍♀️ #latinoparents #latinosbelike #latinosenusa #encantotok @evisiskos @evisiskos

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Can you relate to this experience with your own parents?