While Valentine’s Day is days gone, it’s still technically the month of love. And one thing we’ll always need is, yes, we’ll say it — los preservativos. Just don’t go to OXXO expecting to find Elías Navarro, aka “El niño mmm.”

Over two years ago, Navarro was dubbed “El niño mmm” because of his mmm-memeworthy reaction in a trending TikTok. 

In the viral video, Navarro portrayed a cashier in the Mexican-based convenience store OXXO selling condoms to a customer. Despite this interaction being staged by himself and a friend, the video became extremely popular. This 1-minute clip gained around 24 million views throughout Latin America and even caught the eye of OXXO executives who asked the young man to stop recording videos on their premises. 

From viral phenomenon to content producer

However, this would be no issue for Elias Navarro as more opportunities would open up.

“Burger King [of Costa Rica] contacted my mom, and she told me about the opportunity,“ Navarro told mitú. “In fact, I was nervous because it came at a time when I had just gone viral. But in the end, everything came out fine, and I enjoyed the experience.”

And that’s not the only social media deal that catapulted Navarro’s career.

“One of the opportunities that comes to mind is that I participated in the [2021] MTV Millennial Awards in Mexico,” he continues. “Another was where I collaborated with a Monterrey-based comedian [Cosos Cañón] and starred in three music videos, one of which was with BRONCO.”

Source: Elias Navarro, Instagram: @elias.luzanilla.3

Despite these experiences, Elias Navarro would see himself taking a brief hiatus — mostly due to his content editor taking upon a new venture. Since then, they have reconnected and started conversations about making new videos.

“I was able to meet many new people and travel to different places. I’d very much enjoy getting back to content creation, and in fact, I had already been thinking of ‘returning’ to making videos,” Elías Navarro recounts. “I’d like to thank the supporters who have remained patient with me; I know I’ve left you high and dry without videos, but we’re coming back better.”

“El niño mmm” looks forward to returning to short-form content and growing into long-form videos. As a recreational gamer, Navarro hopes to break into gaming streaming. Additionally, he expects he can grow his filmography by collaborating with comedy actor Franco Escamilla or appearing in music videos for regional Mexican artists Junior H or Natanael Cano.

The story of Elías Navarro, “El niño mmm,” shows us how far a sense of humor accompanied by a smile can take you! You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to stay updated with his adventures!