Let’s just say it: most Latino fathers are strict and overprotective — and we have a love-hate relationship with that fact. Well, one dad just took that to the extreme, all thanks to his handy-dandy doorbell camera.

TikTok account @imperfeectos posted a viral video that shows a dad greeting his daughter Diana’s date, Alejandro, just before their outing. One difference, though? The father was at work, so he greeted the date through a camera at their door. Sounds fine, right? Well… it wasn’t exactly a quick greeting.

“Hello, Alejandro. How are you? Nice to meet you, I am Diana’s father,” he says through the speaker. Clearly startled, the date replies, “Hello sir, nice to meet you.”

Then, he says “Come closer, to see your face.” That’s when things get a little shaky — at least for the visibly nervous Alejandro. LOL.

First, the dad is very inquisitive about Alejandro’s plans for the date

After the dad gets a good glimpse of the pretendiente’s face, he asks him, “I wanted to ask you, what are you guys going to do?”

Alejandro replies, “We’re going to [the movie theater], maybe we see a movie.” The father, clearly unconvinced, asks, “You guys are maybe going to see a movie, or you are going to see a movie?” Oof.

“We have a plan, but we want to see what the showings are. If there is any availability,” the nervous date explains, wringing his hands. “And what movie do you want to see?” the dad asks.

“‘The Avengers’ one,” he replies, with a slightly shaky voice.


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Later, the daughter, Diana, comes out of the house. She is clearly very confused about what is happening. “Hi pa! What are you doing?”

Diana and Alejandro continue to talk with the father through the door’s camera system, which is… hilarious. Then, the slightly overbearing dad tells them, “Hey! I checked, and [the movie theater] there’s an ‘Avengers’ showing in VIP at 8 p.m. Do you want me to buy it?”

The daughter winces, saying, “No, no, no worries. We’ll go now and buy them ourselves… Don’t worry.”

Then, of course, the question about curfew. “At what time will you be back?” the dad asks. Both Alejandro and Diana nod that 11 p.m. would work, but the father is unconvinced. “10:30 p.m. is good. Perfect,” the dad replies.

The daughter argues a bit to get that 11 p.m. curfew, but it doesn’t work. “Ándale, pues. 10:30 PM,” the dad hilariously replies.

Then, the father makes sure his daughter has everything she needs. He asks her is she has money on her, and a charged phone.

“Don’t worry, sir,” Alejandro replies. “I have money.” However, the dad still makes sure his daughter has money in her purse, too.

Having a charged phone is just as important. The dad, from the camera speaker, asks what battery percentage she has. “80%, it’s fine,” she replies. Whew!

Afterward, the father opened up about why he is so protective with his daughter

Later, at almost three minutes into the doorbell camera conversation, the protective father asks Alejandro for his number. Even though the daughter says, “No, no, no,” the dad says, “Pass me his number through WhatsApp.”

“Pass me his number for emergencies, if you lose your phone, I want to have Alejandro’s number,” the father explicitly tells her.

Well, at that point, the two finally get to go on their movie date. “Have fun,” the dad says from the speaker. “See you at 10:30 p.m.” Ha.

Arguably the best part of the entire video? When the dad keeps watching through the camera to see if Alejandro opens the car door for his daughter (!). Okay, we’re obsessed with this whole situation now. “He got the door for her, very good,” the dad says to himself. LOL.

And just when Alejandro thought he could finally get in his car and go to see that “Avengers” movie, Diana’s dad called him back to the camera. At that point, what the dad said made his overprotective behavior make a lot more sense.

“I have to tell you something very important, Alejandro,” he told him. “Ever since it’s just Diana and I, I can’t allow anything to happen to her. That’s why I can be very insistent,” the dad explained. “I’m sorry for that, but she is all I have. And I’m trusting her with you, okay?” Our hearts.

“Of course, sir. It’s no problem. I will take care of her,” Alejandro replies. The father repeats, “She is everything I have.”

Later, Alejandro says back, “I have a mom and a sister, and I would do the same for them.” At that point, the dad gives him a little treat — a 10:45 p.m. curfew instead.

Unquestionably, this hilarious-yet-sweet video keeps making waves on TikTok. One user commented, “I don’t care what people think, this is a caring father.” Another wholeheartedly agreed: “I actually think this is super cute, the dad was nothing but respectful. My Mexican dad did the same! I don’t think it’s too much 😂.”

Likewise, one person put it like this: “That’s the traditional respect given in the Hispanic culture 👏.” Others wrote, “Totally have done this with my daughter. If you don’t like it, you can go…. really simple.” Yup!

And turns out, some people never really grow out of their parents’ protectiveness: “I still tell my parents where I am, and with who, even I’m married already.”