Many of us couldn’t wait until adulthood to do whatever we wanted. We thought everything would be easier to navigate as adults and that we would do everything differently than our parents.

For Reggaetón rapper ,Arcángel, he transitioned into the traditional Latino dad role, reminding us of our old-school fathers.

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An Arcángel fan page shared a video on TikTok of the artist having a heart-to-heart discussion with his son. The young boy told the “La Jumpa” artist he was having difficulties passing his math class.

“They gave me a 68 because it’s hard,” his son said, adding, it’s “difficult.” Arcángel was honest with his son about how he approaches the subject of school work and education.

“It is difficult for you because you do not put your mind to it,” the 37-year-old said. The Harlem native told his son he needs to focus more on passing math than playing games on his PlayStation.

“It’s not difficult when you set the rating to 90 in NBA 2K,” the concerned father added.

Arcángel’s son was clearly upset at what he said to him

“That one left angry; he didn’t even say goodbye to me or anything,” the Puerto Rican musician said of his son.

Like other parents, the Boricua wants the best for his son and to excel in school. Sometimes, children may not understand their parents’ advice until they’re older and have their own children. In the nearly two-minute clip, the rapper shared how his son will improve his math grades.

“Today, he’s coming home and will not touch the PlayStation until I see his grades,” he said.”This little boy has nothing to do other than worry about himself. [He] has bad grades in a class. I don’t accept that.”

Arcángel then shared with his followers how he felt about his son’s attitude. His discussion about life was strikingly similar to every Latino dad’s discussion with their children.

“You don’t have to pay for water, you don’t have to pay for electricity, does not pay phone, do not pay cable,” Arcángel said. “He doesn’t pay for his food, he doesn’t pay for his clothes, he doesn’t pay [anything].”

“And you are going to tell me that mathematics is difficult? [Yes] because it is difficult,” he added.

According to a report from Michigan State University, Black and Latino children have lower math scores than their white counterparts. Findings conclude that the COVID-19 pandemic caused a decrease in this specific area of learning among minority children.

While children can have low scores for multiple reasons, Arcángel wants to show his son that life can be more complicated than schoolwork.

“He will know that life is difficult,” the musician said. “He will know what I have to go through and struggle.”

The internet agreed with the rapper’s advice to his son

The artist’s video amassed over 10.1 million views on TikTok. His followers also agreed with what he said and shared their opinions about children and schoolwork.

“He is just making a point, not saying that Math is easy. The point is that sometimes we focus on things that are not beneficial for us,” one user said.

Another wrote, “He’s not say math is easy. he’s saying that is his son spent as much time and effort on math as he did on games he wouldn’t be struggling as much.”

“We all know math is hard but when they focus they make its happen by passing 💯, we don’t need 💯 but at least a passing grade… that’s all we need,” a third user said.

However, other users also suggested getting his son a tutor who specializes in math.

“Maybe he needs a tutor to understand is better. Not everyone is goood at Math,” one user wrote.

“Man. I had such horrible ADHD in school and was undiagnosed lol I just needed a tutor and I got a whole chancla instead 💀,” another said.

“Get him a tutor or sit and try to understand the problem. Some kids just learn differently. Maybe he needs one in one learning,” a third wrote.