A TikTok video just went viral for showing how a 9-year-old boy defends his mom to the end.

Family TikTok account Familia Latorre uploaded the video, showing how the dad jokingly calls his wife “ugly.” One issue? He said it in front of his son… and let’s just say he was not happy.

You can see the boy’s hilariously angry reaction to his dad telling his mom: “Te ves feíta,” or, “You look ugly.” The 9-year-old is clearly shocked that his dad would say that, telling him, “Papá, don’t tell her that.”

All we can say is that we really hope our own future sons defend us like this. In the words of José José, “Madre Sólo Hay Una” (absolute banger, by the way).

This 9-year-old defended his mom after his dad called her “fea”

As shown in Familia Latorre’s video, the father played a funny prank on his son. He captioned it with, “This is how he defends his mom. His reaction surprised me.”

He explained, “I called my wife ugly to see how my son reacts.” And once he did it — his son just couldn’t take it:

As you can see, the boy jumps up to the front seat to hug his mom. He slightly slaps his dad on the arm, saying his mom is “as pretty as always.”

“Don’t do that to her,” the son starts. “I’m going to tell her things so she doesn’t feel bad. My God, you’re ungrateful.

Adding, “So ungrateful, My God. At least you have her.” One more thing to put in our manifestation journals: a son who defends us like this!

Later in the video, the dad keeps pranking his son. He tells his wife, “You changed clothes? You look worse like that. You look uglier.” As expected, the son can barely believe what he’s hearing. This is not going to fly.

“Oh really? Well you look uglier,” the boy tells his dad, clearly over it. “My God.”

Then, things get personal. “You, too. It’s not like she’s the only one that’s ugly here,” the son tells his father.” Yes, it’s getting heated.

“With all that hair out of place,” the son adds, hilariously pointing to his dad’s head. Oof. At that point, the mom and dad decide to tell their son it’s a “joke,” and to “not worry.”

The proud mother tells her son, “Thanks for defending me.”

While the mom is very excited her “baby defended her,” the dad joked he’s “at war” with his son now: “He said that thing about my hair.” LOL.

This is how people are reacting to the hilarious family video: “I love the malagradecido moment”

As you can expect, people can’t stop laughing and swooning over this video. The mother and son duo clearly have a very sweet relationship, and the prank is just too good.

As one TikTok user noted, “When he said ‘Malagradecido,’ [it’s] like he knows his mom’s worth 🥹🥹😭🫶🏼.” Countless more people couldn’t stop talking about that part of the video: “The accent, the maaal agredecido 😭😭☠️.”

Another chimed in, “‘Por lo menos la tienes 🤣.’ He said be grateful she chose you, indicating she could have whatever she wants 🤣🤌.” Why do kids always speak the truth?


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As one person put it, this was their reaction to the video: “‘But at least you have her.’ Ooooopffffffff YESSS PRINCE!!!.” Yes, that just about sums it up. Yet another wrote, “From his little face you could see how those words hurt him. That boy loves his momma so much 🥰🥺.”

On X, many moms talk about their bond with their sons, and yes, we’re crying. One X user described, “My son tells me ‘Beautiful mom’ and my entire world is back in place.”

Another X user recalled a hilariously cute moment with her own son: “Getting ready for my interview and my son says, ‘You look so beautiful mom wow.'” We’re dying.

Yes, sons sometimes notice eyelash extensions, too:

And always have great style:

As one X user put it, “How can I not brag about my 10-year-old son calling me ‘Beautiful’?”: