Many young Latinas dream of having a quinceañera party, but often, circumstances prevent them from celebrating this milestone. However, one family from Argentina changed this narrative to one of its eldest members.

In a heartwarming TikTok video shared by Eugenia Cucco, social media users witnessed the magical moment her family created for Antonia Fara, her 90-year-old great-grandmother. Wearing an enchanting white dress with a pink belt, ready for her quinceañera moment, this abuelita proved it was never too late to be 15.


El cumple de 90 de mi bisabuela fue el evento familiar del año. Tengo pruebas:

♬ sonido original – Eugenia Cucco

“My great-grandmother’s 90th birthday became the family event of the year, and I’ve got the proof!” Wrote the influencer next to the emotional video clip that captured the essence of the celebration.

Cucco talked to mitú about how this idea came to life and how her great-grandmother inspires her family every day.

“This idea came from her daughter-in-law, who proposed it to her. She accepted because she loves this kind of thing,” she says. “My great-grandmother does theater. She goes to a senior colony and takes crafts and art classes.”

Adding, “For us as family members, she is an example. She dedicated her entire life to working hard and raising her three children. Now she is enjoying herself.”

The beloved grandmother made had a royal quinceañera entrance

With the backdrop of Andrea Bocelli’s “Vivo por ella” playing softly, Fara arrived to cheers and applause, a sign reading “Six times 15” over her head.

One of the event’s highlights was when she arrived in what seemed like a shopping cart, towed by a red scooter, greeting guests with the grace and elegance expected of royalty.

“It was my daughter-in-law’s idea. I listened to her because you have to get along with daughters-in-law,” declared Fara in an interview on Telefé Rosario.

“Sometimes I have some problems. Not everything is always fine, but that night I forgot everything. I felt happy with all my family, friends, everyone,” she continued. Adding she made her own dress for the event.

At the party, the birthday grandma shared hugs, danced, and filled the air with laughter. One particularly touching moment occurred when a guest took the microphone and serenaded her with Sandro’s song, “Penumbras.”

But the surprises didn’t end there. As the festivities progressed, she changed into a more comfortable outfit, opting for green pants and a shirt, allowing her to sing and dance easily.

Fara’s celebration touched hearts across the world

Unsurprisingly, the online community has fallen in love with her, showering her and her family with adorable messages and declarations of admiration. Some have even called themselves fans of this great-grandmother.

“Someone explain to me why I’m crying,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I cried with everything. It makes me remember my grandmother,” another person added.

Others couldn’t resist her enthusiasm and said they would follow her example if they reached that age. One user shared, “She enjoys Sandro, sings, and dances to cumbia and chamamé. When I hit 90, I won’t need to say a word; there will be signs.”

Some also told their experiences of their continued joy in spending time with their grandparents.

“How wonderful. My grandfather is 92, and he has that spark. It’s so nice to see them enjoying life,” another person wrote.