It’s never too late to achieve a dream, especially when you have the will power and proper support to do so. Senior women at Milwaukee’s United Community Center set a perfect example of this after celebrating a long overdue quinceañera party.

The idea bloomed when a member of the sewing club expressed she had never had the chance to celebrate this extraordinary event in Latino culture. When one of them explained her parents couldn’t afford it back in the day, many others had a similar story.

Based on these testimonies, Ana Castaneda, the elderly programs manager, organized a special celebration on July 28 to honor their youth and dreams.

“The ladies brought the idea to me around a year ago because they never had a quinceañera and how nice it would be for them to have that opportunity. We worked on this for eight to ten months,” Castaneda told mitú.

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Milwaukee Senior Community Center Throws Spectacular Quinceañera Party for 15 Women

According to tradition, each quinceañera has a date, so the center got creative. On this occasion, the ladies chose from their husbands, sons, friends from the center and members of the Milwaukee Police Department as their companions.

Because of the limited time to design their dresses, the women purchased and adapted them to their liking, gaving it a unique touch. Some used traditional tiaras, while others carried bouquets.

“It was a really heartwarming experience and I think this is one reason of why we do what we do. Seeing that smile on their faces it’s something that really warms your heart and makes you stop your own life and realize there is no age or limits to accomplish anything,” expressed Castaneda. 

“It was a dream come true and being part of that, it was amazing for us,” she added. 

Furthermore, the quinceañeras paraded with their companions and danced to “Tiempo de Vals,” the classic Chayanne theme.

In an interview with Fox 6, Ramona Rosado expressed the party was about 50 years overdue, but she felt thrilled. “My heart is beating fast,” she said with a big smile.

Milwaukee Senior Community Center Throws Spectacular Quinceañera Party for 15 Women

Meanwhile, the Police Department expressed how honored they are to support this event.

“Thank you for giving us the honor of being part of such a special tradition and amazing celebration! We look forward to continuing to create special moments like today within UCC Elderly Programs and our community,” they wrote on Twitter.

The Quinceañera is just one of the United Community Center’s special events

The UCC and their sewing club accept donations for all the different programs and events they organize around the year for Hispanic Heritage Month, Christmas, Mexican Independence Day and more. Even more, there’s a special way you can help them continue planning their events.

If you have a sewing machine, material or fabrics to donate, they can be dropped off at their location. Additionally, you can visit their website to make donations and apply as a volunteer.