We have to admit, we would gladly try lots of weird flavor combinations. A Wendy’s Frosty is the perfect dip for their fries, popcorn is made to be sprinkled with M&M’s, and if you’re from the Caribbean, you might have tried bananas and cheese, or frijoles sprinkled with sugar — and loved both of them.

We’re game for pretty much anything, even “weird” stuff like pickles and peanut butter (or let’s be real, any food is good with some hot sauce on it). But Tropicana just went the extra mile… and we don’t know how to feel about it.

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Tropicana just shocked all of us by announcing the release of their new cereal Tropicana Crunch, set to arrive on grocery shelves May 4, otherwise known as National Orange Juice Day. What’s so surprising about it? The crispy honey almond cereal is tailor-made specifically for orange juice — that is, you’re supposed to pour O.J. on it instead of milk.

As per the brand’s website, you should “prepare your mind and cereal bowl for an unforgettable breakfast experience.” According to Tropicana, this is “the first cereal made for OJ (and maybe the last),” and assert that the mix really isn’t that weird. In fact, they state that, “there are totally normal people” who pour orange juice into their cereal every morning — even posting on Instagram that a whopping “15 million people have tried OJ on cereal.”

Tropicana explains, “because whether you hate it or love it, you won’t know until you try it.” As expected, people on social media are very confused about this flavor combination, too.

One Instagram user commented on Tropicana’s Instagram post, “bru i was about to say april fools but that was a month ago-” while another echoed, “How about no, who tf puts ORANGE JUICE in cereal.” Proving this is a ​​very divisive cereal already, others completely disagreed, commenting: “This was made specifically for me!!!” and “I cant wait to try it. Im going live when I do.” 

Over on Twitter, things are even more polarized. One Twitter user really wants to know where they can get this cereal, posting an epic GIF of NeNe Leakes to emphasize their point, while another didn’t find it strange at all — explaining their father used to often eat cereal with O.J.

Still, the majority of users seem to find the idea pretty unappetizing — and they aren’t shy to share exactly how they feel. One user questioned, “​​did someone ask for this?” while another took the issue to the holy realm: “Tropicana is making a cereal to be eaten with orange juice. When is Jesus [supposed] to come back again?”

Others feel Tropicana must be “trolling right now” (well, they definitely have us talking!) while some are just not here for it in any shape or form: “ima tell you what I won’t be doing.. pouring orange juice in cereal.”

And yeah, some are just really, really not down for it:

There’s no doubt this O.J.-plus-cereal debate is much more interested than we could have ever thought — so much so, we might as well try it!