Air fryers are a life saver. For college students in particular, they open a world of endless possibilities when we’re trying to cook for ourselves, porque hay comida en la casa.

We can even venture to say air fryers are the new PlayStation — we all want to get our hands on one, but some don’t know how to properly use it.  

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This is apparent after a college student in Michigan was trying to air fry a single hash brown and it resulted in 10 firefighters having to come to the rescue.


10 firemen and one hash brown later 🤡

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The video, which has now amassed over 6 million views, shows Abbey Trbovich, handle @abbeytrbovich12, take the audience on a walk through her apartment’s living room only to end up at the sight of a full-blown air fryer explosion in the kitchen. In the sink sits melted plastic which we know from the video is an unidentified air fryer part.

Trbovich’s caption reads “10 firemen and one hash brown later.”

As usual, TikTok users took to the comments to share their opinions. Some users asked about the brand of the air fryer, others noted that air fryers should not be placed on or near hot gas or an electric burner. “Please do not put on top of stove, it says it on the manual,” said one comment. “Ours almost burst into flames too,” said another.

Although the exact model of the air fryer is not shown in the video, the subtext over the video reads “When our Costco air fryer blows up in our apartment.” Online instruction manuals for generic Coscto air fryers, as well as others sold on different retailers, do warn consumers to avoid placing air fryers on potentially combustible surfaces.

Sadly, these explosions have been breaking the internet and simultaneously breaking our kitchen appliances. “OMG I didn’t know it couldn’t be put on the stove! TikTok here saving my life,” shared another video commenter.

Nonetheless, for many people, the air fryer has become a non-negotiable appliance in their kitchen. And although videos like these can scare us, we can trust that no other life-threatening issues should arise if we make sure to read the manuals.

After all, there’s still a lot to love about air fryers.