A new alcoholic hard soda by popular Mexican drink brand Jarritos “Cantaritos” is sending all of TikTok and their tios on a scavenger hunt to at least three liquor stores or local bodegas. The search for the nostalgic taste from our childhoods, now with an adult twist, is bringing Latino TikTok together to answer what we are all thinking: where can we find them, and which are the best flavors?

The malt drinks contain an alcohol content of 5% ABV and are inspired by four of the original Jarritos flavors: mandarin, tamarind, pineapple, and fruit punch. You may remember the refreshing mandarin flavor from your prima’s birthday party or your favorite childhood taco shop. After all, the beloved Latino brand is known as “the official drink of tacos.” So it is no surprise that Jarritos’ boozy collaboration with alcohol distributor Anheuser-Busch hits liquor stores just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

But how do we get our hands on these?

Jarritos fans who have done the legwork for the rest of us are calling it a witch hunt

As expected, TikTok users are spilling the chisme in the comments section on where to find the new hard soda. This has proven to be no easy feat.

After searching six different stores, successful scavenger @ovojason23 said in his TikTok video, “If I’ve learned anything searching for these Cantaritos, is you’re not going to want to go to the big stores…they normally have them at the smaller stores.” Many have instinctively searched their local bodegas or Mexican grocery stores, while most have found them in smaller liquor stores. If you come across the variety pack you may consider yourself lucky enough to also go play the lotto.


Replying to @ricogar21 good luck man! For sure worth the hype. #cantaritosjarritos #fyp

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What flavor pairs best with a Tajin rim? The reviews are in.

While some are still trying to get their hands on the new hard soda (cantaritos by jarritos), there is already a repository of drink reviews on TikTok. It seems to be the consensus that pineapple is the best flavor with mandarin coming in as second. TikTok user @casualerik said, “the bottles of cantaritos by jarritos taste way better than the cans,” and they are easier to rim with Tajin and lime.

Some Jarritos fans have already coined Cantaritos as “the summer drink,” while others have taken to the comments to ask “Where’s the toronja flavor?” and “No mango?” There is one thing everyone seems to agree on, as an Instagram user said, “You can barely taste the alcohol in cantaritos by jarritos, so that’s dangerous.”

Although we still haven’t able to figure out how Jarritos has mapped out the Cantaritos distribution, at least you can get them online at Craft City.