It’s no secret we’re obsessed with TikTok, whether we’re discovering that bistec is actually an anglicismo for beef steak, dancing along to “Mi Burrito Sabanero” in a blue wig, or learning to keep limes in a jug of water to keep them fresh for weeks, the app is a treasure trove for hilarious videos, beauty D.I.Y.s, and mindblowing recipe hacks.

In fact, 2021 brought tons of viral TikTok recipes that made their way into many of our kitchens, like baked feta pasta, breakfast charcuterie boards, and multi-layered potatoes that are equal parts crispy and creamy. With recipes that are usually done in twenty minutes or less, we were taking notes all year — but a few specific videos had our hearts.

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We got particularly obsessed with the Latino-inspired recipes that went viral on the platform, ranging from endless iterations of tortilla crunchwraps (even crepe-style dessert ones) all the way to the spiciest, vuelve-a-la-vida homemade taco pickles. That being said, there were nine videos that really struck us — and made us run to our cocinas and try them ourselves. Here are the absolute best Latino-inspired TikTok recipes of 2021.  

1. Birria ramen


Have you tried it yet? #ramen #birria #foodie #la #tiktokfood #tiktokfoodie

♬ Boyz-N-The-Hood – Remix;Edited – Eazy-E

East Los Angeles restaurant Birrieria Villalobos is famous for its Tijuana-style birria de res, but they took their meat to a whole new level with this positively-viral TikTok video. Set to “Boyz-n-the-Hood,” the chefs combine birria de res with heaps of ramen, with spoons of the meat’s juices mixed in. Not for the faint of heart, it got a whopping 1.7 million likes, and we’ve already made this comfort food too many times to count.

2. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Crunchwrap


Flamin Hot Cheetos Crunch Wrap! Bussin?! #crunchwrap #hotcheetos #flaminhot #foodtiktok #foodlover #fridaythe13th #summerrecipes

♬ original sound – Carly

Countless tortilla crunchwrap videos popped up on TikTok this year, all using the same hack of stacking a small tortilla over a large burrito tortilla, layering meat, cheese, salsa, and guacamole in between. While this Flamin’ Hot Cheetos video went seriously-viral y lo necesitamos ya, we’re just as mind-blown by this Doritos crunchwrap and this spicy hot chicken version.

3. Frozen grapes (for New Years)


Frozen Grapes a la Mexicana 🌶 #healthy #snacks #frozen #chamoy #tajin #lime #seasoned #food #grape #uvas

♬ sonido original – MEXϟCANO亗.*

If you want to give your año nuevo grape-eating tradition a twist a la Méxicana, may we present the best Nochevieja hack of all time. Sure, you can always prepare 12 simple grapes for each person which is always fun, but why not shake it up? This recipe involves squeezing lime juice over your grapes, spooning chamoy and tajín over them, shaking your container and leaving them to freeze. Once that’s done, you have the most unique New Year’s grapes del vecindario completo.

4. Viral chicken taco


Tacos De Pollo #recetas#tacos#guanajuato#arizona#mexico#comida

♬ original sound – Estrella

While the chicken taco has always been a megawatt star in our eyes, 2021 TikTok made them go viral, with millions of people showing off their own take on the trend. These tacos de pollo or tacos dorados make us have heart palpitations: first sauté soft shredded chicken with onions and tomato, then blend tomatillos and chiles de arbol to make a spicy sauce, and make guacamole. Serve on corn tortillas, fry the tacos in a pan, and “pa’ dentro.”

5. Hot Cheetos salad



♬ Better – Khalid

Yes, we’re back to Hot Cheetos recipes because the limit does not exist. Plus, as the supposed Flamin’ Hot Cheetos shortage goes on, we’re just a little bit nostalgicos okay? We’re not always a fan of salads, but if it has Hot Cheetos in it, count us in. This viral TikTok hack combines the cheetos with cilantro, cucumber, Tapatío hot sauce, and lime juice, making something that’s unexpectedly fresh, light, y perfectamente picante.

6. Spicy taco pickles


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♬ original sound – Skylarr

Another recipe we never expected to like as much as we did? These spicy taco pickles blend pique with refreshing acidity, making them the best side dish next to burgers, or as a snack straight out of the jar. As explained by @skyy_pop, simply grab a jar of pickles, pour out all the juice into a bowl, mix tons of taco seasoning in, pour the seasoned juice back into the jar with the pickles, and refrigerate overnight. The next day, you’ll have slightly-spicy, tangy pickles to enjoy anytime you want — cuidado, they’re addictive.

7. Corn ribs


Spotted: TikTok’s next food trend🤩 @spicednice #cornribs #corntok #easyrecipe #foodtrends #foodietok #foodhack

♬ Chicago (Jersey Club) – DJ Smallz 732

We love this idea for summer barbecues, quick at-home lunches, or whenever else you’re craving a vegetarian meal with a kick. Corn ribs went viral this year, and can we just say they’re amazing? #Corntok is the best, at least when involving this Elote-inspired recipe. Cut corn cobs into quarters, season them with garlic powder, chili powder and paprika, and cook in an air fryer or oven. Top with a chipotle, lime, adobo and mayo sauce, plus pinches of cotija cheese and cilantro. Vegetarian or not, these Elote “ribs” are always a hit. 

8. Spicy pickled garlic


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♬ original sound – Lala

While this TikTok recipe is more Korean-inspired and rooted in the kimchi tradition, it’s perfect for any lover of spicy food and anything with garlic — A.K.A. us. Reserved for the brave, this viral video showed everyone the best way to eat pickled vinegar garlic straight out of the jar: pour out the vinegar, squeeze tons of sriracha on it, a teaspoon of chili flakes, and lots of thyme. Shake your jar and eat the cloves whole with a spoon — as per creator @Lala, it might look crazy, but it’s bussin’.

9. Bell pepper sandwich


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♬ original sound – Ms. “A”

And lastly, after having your fair share of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos crunchwraps and birria ramen, maybe you want something low-carb and keto for #balance, but don’t want it to be boring. We love this version of TikTok’s viral bell pepper sandwich, which combines cold cuts like pepperoni and smoked turkey with mozzarella and spinach, topping with spicy salsita verde. Serve with a crunchy jalapeño on the side and chicharrones — perfect.