The rumors are true: in a bizarre twist of fate, Taco Bell has officially added Crispy Chicken Wings to their menu, and we’re all freaking out. The breaded wings are actually very on-brand for Taco Bell with a Mexican queso seasoning that sounds really delicious.

The wings come in orders of five, and they even include a creamy ranch dipping sauce on the side. At $5.99, the price is right, and they are marketed as super-crispy perfection. The wings were added to their line-up on Thursday, but there’s one catch. They will only be available for one week, and will be taken off the menu on January 12. Meaning, don’t sleep on these wings if you want to try them, but don’t go too crazy either: Taco Bell has allegedly set a limit of just four orders per customer. Our dreams of eating an infinite number of wings are crushed now, but we’ll settle for 20.

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The fast-food chain took to Twitter to share the news, tweeting: “Taco Bell has always been your wingman, now let us be your Wing man.” People immediately rushed to their local drive-thru to try the wings for themselves, and let’s just say they are very divided on the flavor and quality. 

One Twitter user replied directly to the chain, telling them: “These suck so bad! Overcooked, overpriced, overly salty and teeny tiny. If you order these, you’ll be pissed off.” That of course got our attention, and several other unhappy customers keep pouring in.

Another user tweeted a photo of the wings, hilariously captioning it: “These taco bell wing tasting like some fried platypus forehead.” Still, another taste tester kept their stance on the wings neutral, commenting that “Taco Bell’s chicken wings are okay. Small and expensive though. $6 for 5” but that “The employee was super excited to sell them… so seeing her in a good mood made my day.”

Now, not all the reviews are bad — in fact, some people seem to really like them, making the chain’s Crispy Chicken Wings one of the most divisive food items of 2022 (so far).

One Twitter user said they “are bomb,” while another user taste tested the wings on camera and let’s just say they look really crispy — and extremely good. A Taco Bell employee posted a TikTok video about the wings, explaining the seasoning and spicy ranch while saying they are “pretty good.” Another Twitter user simply said: “Taco Bell started serving chicken wings today. And I’m here for it.”

Apart from the two camps of those who have tried the wings, there are tons of people who refuse to even give them a second glance. Why? There is an alleged chicken wing shortage going on, so many are questioning what is in the wings in the first place.

While Taco Bell has clearly stated these wings are made of chicken, Twitter users have a running joke about the contents that will have you laughing on the floor.

Overall, the jokes about the wings continue, and let’s just say we can’t stop laughing — even if we still want to give them a try!