While many looked to Coachella for amazing performances and outfits from favorite artists like Karol G, Becky G, or J Balvin, one of the most unexpected events to take place at the music festival was the return of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza. 

During a performance on Sunday night, rapper Doja Cat, told her audience “I brought back the Mexican pizza by the way,” referring to Taco Bell’s classic Mexican Pizza, which was pulled from the menu in 2020.

The announcement was quickly followed by an ad campaign from Taco Bell confirming the news with the hashtag #IBroughtBackTheMexicanPizza. 

Since the announcement the internet has exploded with roar.

Twitter users have been particularly vocal about their support with hundreds of people taking to the social network to announce their support for bringing back the Mexican pizza. Some even suggested that they might serve it at their wedding! 

Doja Cat had been tweeting about the Mexican pizza for a while before the announcement, so many have credited her with single-handedly bringing it back. 

But Doja Cat didn’t bring back Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza alone, Taco Bell superfan Krish Jagirdar launched a Change.org petition that got the support of nearly 200,000 Taco Bell lovers. 

Jagirdar said that the Mexican pizza was particularly important to the Indian American community because it provided a tasty vegetarian option. Adding that the pizza brought back memories from his childhood. 

After hearing from thousands of fans, Taco Bell took notice. 

“Our menu is full of fan favorites, but the Mexican Pizza is at the top of that list,” said Mark King, CEO of Taco Bell Corp., in a press release. “… Mexican Pizza has a long history with the brand and I’m glad we could give fans what they crave and bring our classic Mexican Pizza back home where it belongs,” King emphasized. 

Starting May 19 fans can have a taste of the classic Mexican pizza at Taco Bell stores or get it delivered, exclusively on DoorDash. DoorDash members enjoy $2 off one Mexican pizza with a minimum purchase of $12 when they use the promo code MEXPIZZA at checkout.