If you remember watching your abuelita cook your family’s favorite dishes all throughout your childhood, enjoying her drool-worthy enchiladas, mofongo, pupusas, or more, then chances are — you’ll love Mexican abuelita Doña Angela’s YouTube channel.

Hailing from Michoacán, Doña Angela started her YouTube cooking page “De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina” back in August 2019. She is now becoming a bonafide sensation on the platform. Amassing almost 400 million views across her videos, and more than 4 million loyal subscribers who can’t get enough of her relaxed, fun cooking videos, it’s safe to say Doña Angela is the newest superstar in all things Mexican cuisine.

In her early 70s, the YouTuber uploads new videos every few days. She shares recipes for traditional dishes like pollo jalapeño, bistec encebollado, and taquitos enchilados.

Usually focusing on traditional Mexican fare, Doña Angela records each video directly from her ranch, and her content feels just as homemade as her delicious food.

Doña Angela’s videos are filmed just outside her home, using classic methods like cooking on a comal. As per NPR, the Mexican cook has talked about how she does not use measurements and grabs ingredients with her hands. She also has a tin roof over her home (making the sound of rain just a bit louder than usual in her adorable videos). Even more incredible? The ingredients she uses in her recipes come from her own plots of land.

According to Chron, the always-aproned abuela’s videos are filmed by her own daughter with a handheld camcorder. Meanwhile, her husband, who she refers to as “viejo,” always enjoys her delicious creations.

There’s no doubt Doña Angela’s success has been downright meteoric. She became one of Forbes Mexico’s 100 Mujeres Más Poderosas in 2020, less than a year after launching her channel.

Today, Doña Angela has more YouTube views than massive celebrity chefs like Martha Stewart and Gordon Ramsay, and she shows no sign of stopping. 

As reported by El Universal, Doña Angela’s ranch is called Pablo Cuin, and is located in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán. Active on both YouTube and her can’t-miss Facebook page (6 million followers and counting), the Mexican powerhouse chef regularly posts all her best tips. And we feel like we’re becoming better cooks just watching her!