So, let’s just go right out and say it: Latino dishes are the best.

No matter if you’re Boricua, proud Peruvian, or have tons of orgullo mexicano, our countries’ dishes are some of the most flavorful in the world. Argentine asados? Top-tier. Cuban croquetas and cortaditos? Name a better breakfast — we’ll wait.

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Sin contar with every single Mexican delicacy under the sun we’ll never get enough of tacos al pastor, enchiladas, flautas… it’s all amazing. That said, Latin America’s many dishes are all so good, sometimes it’s really difficult to choose just one.

If you’ve ever struggled to decide if you want to hit that amazing taco spot or ceviche place or eat your own weight in pupusas, you know it’s near-impossible to rate Latino cuisines.

However, one Latina TikToker’s husband gave it a shot — and we’re pretty conflicted about his choices. Rating dishes ranging from Puerto Rican plátanos to the legendary Colombian bandeja paisa, commenters were quick to voice their opinion on his picks. Here are his ratings, from lowest to highest!


Not sure how I feel about his ratings… #hispanic #latina #food #carneasada #mixedcouple #funny

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1. With the lowest score, Puerto Rican plátanos. Blasphemy.

One commenter wrote, “You’re about to start a war with the Caribbean by putting plátanos at the bottom.” Cuidado!

2. Next, Mexican carne asada. How is this almost the lowest?

As one follower put it, “I can’t trust him. He put Carne Asada at the bottom smh.”

3. Enchiladas are third-to-last which is extremely confusing. Has he ever tried an enchilada?

TikTok really couldn’t handle this one. One user wrote, “Why the enchiladas?!” while another agreed, “My man killed me with enchiladas.”

4. Salvadoran pupusas are ranked at third place, and we have to agree — they’re pretty amazing.

Many people were happy about this rating, but one commented, “PUPUSAS SHOULD BE HIGHER!! But I’m just happy they were included.”

5. In second place, la bandeja paisa colombiana. If you’ve ever tried the dish loaded with chicharrón, chorizo, and more, you know it’s great — and a food coma waiting to happen.

There’s no denying the power of a bandeja paisa: one TikTok user commented, “As a Mexican, that bandeja paisa is ELITE.”

6. And in the first place, Peruvian pollo saltado. The dish is so good — but we’re still pretty salty about platanos and enchiladas’ rankings, TBH.

One user commented, “I already knew a Peruvian dish was gonna be on the top. He got good taste.” What would your ratings look like?