As it becomes increasingly common for classic recipes to incorporate Flamin’ Hot Cheetos as an ingredient, restaurants like Prime Tacos in Chicago are taking note.

This midwestern Mexican eatery has an entire section of its menu devoted to what they call “Flamin’ Favorites,” a handful of dishes that use Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust to take things to the next level.

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Flamin’ Favorites at Prime Tacos are spicy spins on classic dishes

You can get a burger or a burrito just about anywhere. But only a few places will serve you a burger with a bun coated in Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust. One of those places is Prime Tacos in Chicago, an otherwise straightforward Mexican restaurant with a few surprises on the menu.

First up, we have the Hot Cheeto Burger.

According to their menu, the Hot Cheeto burger has a Cheeto-encrusted bun and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos inside. It also comes with nacho cheese sauce and caramelized onions. Customers can also decide between a regular beef patty and a meatless, Beyond beef patty.

Following that, there’s the Hot Cheeto Burrito!

Much like the burger, the inside of the meal is pretty standard stuff — meat, rice, beans, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, and cheese — but the Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust gives it a unique flavor.

Last but not least are the Hot Cheeto Tamales…

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Like everything else on the Flamin’ Favorites menu, besides the burger, customers can order the tamales with birria meat. Judging by this Instagram video, the birria seems like the way to go.

Prime Tacos is the product of two brothers bringing Mexican food to Chicago

The restaurant was started by Anthony and Eric Cardenas, who wanted to bring their approach to Mexican cuisine to a city not exactly known for its Mexican food.

The brothers operate Prime Tacos as a mobile restaurant. They go to various pop-up locations, events, and secret spots to dish out their Flamin’ Favorites. Looking at their social media, Prime Tacos is all over the city.

Here they are at Chicago’s Sueños Festival.

However, Prime Tacos also hosts weekly pop-ups all around Chi-town. For instance, they recently set up shop in Cicero.

Prior to that, they hosted an event in Berwyn!

And Schaumburg before that!

If all goes well, Prime Tacos may go national with their Flamin’ Favorites menu!