Tacos al pastor are great to have for lunch, dinner, or the munchies after a night out with friends. They’re a staple food in Mexican communities and have become popular throughout the United States thanks to the diaspora.

But the way they are made could significantly change in the coming years. 

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According to the Mexican newspaper El Universal, the German company Aldakur RobotSystems has invented a robot called “Der Gerät” that uses remote sensor technology to cut el trompo de pastor into perfect pieces. Not only does this mean all tacos will have the same amount of meat in them, but it has simplified the process for the seller.

“The device cuts the meat into pieces by pressing only one button. The kebab robot uses intelligent sensors that are optically integrated to ensure easy operation. This way you will receive the kebab meat in whatever size you want in every case,” the German company told El Universal.

While the robot was created to cut meat on doner kebabs, internet users have pointed out the ways it could be used to cut meat for tacos al pastor. 

In one tweet a Twitter user said that he saw the robot in a German kebab restaurant and thought of the future of tacos al pastor. “Share with your favorite taquero,” he added.

The tweet quickly became viral and led to a range of reactions from taco lovers around the world. While some saw the robot as a good way to facilitate innovation, most Twitter users stood firmly against the use of the robot. 

Most of the users commented the robot was only able to cut meat and couldn’t provide that slice of piña that’s the perfect touch on tacos al pastor. One Twitter user commented that the robot could be the story behind a new Netflix series “MAN vs THE MACHINE y 1 PIÑA.” 

Others commented that to have good tacos you need the human touch with one Twitter user saying, “Does it tell good jokes?” Another commented saying they loved their taquero, and these machines would leave more people without jobs. 

While the machine would definitely prevent burns for workers, it would be hard to live without that favorite taquero who makes our lives a little bit tastier!