If you’re like us, you love recipes that are delicious — but are also quick and super easy. Very few of us have time for elaborate recipes with tons of steps, at least on busy weekdays when you just want to get lunch and dinner out as fast as possible. You might also want to keep things healthy too, so it becomes a lot of requirements for mealtime. Not to fret: we’ve got you covered!

If you’re already obsessed with your air fryer for making cooking easy, quick and healthy, then prepare to be mindblown at these 9 Latino air fryer recipes all found on TikTok. These recipes range from mofongo to elotes, and are all delicious, perfectly-seasoned and ready in minutes. They also use just a tiny bit of oil, making meals much healthier. Ahead, find the best Latino air fryer recipes on TikTok right now.

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1. Who doesn’t love tacos dorados? While the filled tortillas are often deep-fried, this TikTok recipe shows how to make chicken taquitos in the air fryer with just a light spray of cooking oil. Add lettuce, salsitas and cheese on top and you have the perfect quick lunch!


Air Fryed Chicken Taquitos @okaysouglobal #airfryer #taquitos #tacosdorados

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2. Mofongo is a Puerto Rican favorite, consisting of plantains mashed up with salt, garlic and butter or oil. Pairing perfectly with shrimp, you can easily make it in the air fryer. The more you know.

3. If you’re anything like us, you can eat an entire pot of yuca frita no problem, especially with some cilantro or garlic dip on the side. Ditch traditional frying and pop boiled yuca in the air fryer instead — for seasoning, just give a quick call to abuelita.

4. A Venezuelan snack that we’ll always crave until the end of time? Tequeños of course, especially if flavored with both cheese and sweet guayaba. This TikTok video shows how to make these tequeños easily in the air fryer with just a light brush of oil.


Tequeños de guayaba y queso #tequeños #tequeñosdeguayaba #guayabayqueso #airfryerrecipes #midiariofitness #airfryer #venezuelanfood #venezuela

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5. We’re pretty sure no TikTok video in history has ever made us crave a meal more (and that’s saying something!). This user shows how to make a dish that consists of chicken breast flavored with mustard and salsa Valentina in the air fryer. But the most genius part? Air frying the vegetables for the salsa.

6. If you’ve tried salchipapas before, you know they’re a seriously delicious creation of french fries, salchichas and mayo-ketchup. This recipe makes it even easier by just dropping all the ingredients in the air fryer and waiting for the magic to happen!

7. A quien no le gustan los elotes? We know we’ll always be obsessed! This recipe is a different take on elotes, but looks really tasty with a mix of cajun, paprika, pepper and garlic. Stick the seasoned corn in the air fryer and serve with cilantro and cotija cheese.

8. Plátano maduro is a Caribbean staple, appearing in foods across Latin America but almost always in Cuban, Puerto Rican and Dominican dishes. This air fryer recipe is easy and genius: fill up your plátano with your meat and cheese, and dinner is done.

9. If you’ve shied away from empanadas in the past, this quick recipe might give you the courage to try. Make delicious seasoned beef and fill up ready-made empanada dough, brushing with egg and cooking them in the air fryer for eight minutes.


Quick #airfryer beef empanadas 😋 Let me know if you guys would like to see more recipes! #recipes #cooking #mariscookingshow #recetas

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