Every now and then, a story comes along that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you laugh uncontrollably. Well, TikToker @k.othabarber’s recent “story time” about a hilarious period pad mix-up is the perfect example. 

As the TikTok user described in the now-viral video, the mother of his daughter recently texted him, explaining, “Baby dad, your daughter just got her period in school.” Stepping up to the plate, the father replied: “Alright cool, what do I need to do?” We’ve always said it, not all heroes wear capes!

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What happened next is one of those moments that no one could come up with; a mix-up so unexpectedly hilarious we’ll think about it for years to come.

@K.oThaBarber described that his “baby mom” asked him to take their daughter some pads to school. She specifically explained to get her “some Always pads with some wings.” Simple enough, right? Not exactly. 

He continued, “I feel like I should tell ya’ll what I did. I got her some Always pads and I got her some wings.” A.K.A a perfect pack of Always Maxi pads with wings (A+ dad!) and a box of chicken wings. LOL.

As he put it, “I didn’t know that this isn’t what she meant. She meant just the pads that had the wings.” While getting pads and a side of chicken wings was a hilarious confusion we’ll think about for a while, it also works even better? As anyone with a period knows, menstruation sometimes brings huge cravings, and a box of seasoned, hopefully-BBQ chicken wings sounds like exactly what some of us need on those days of the month.

As one TikTok user commented on the video, “You used the wrong formula but got the right answer my G,” and we couldn’t agree more!

The confused-but-heartwarming dad went on, “[The pads] got the wings, and she got some more wings… It’s all good.” A 10-out-of-10 combination!

Other users on social media continue to react to the sweet video, with another TikToker commenting, “You can never go wrong with both wings🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😍😍 love this.” Someone else agreed, saying the dad “Overstood the assignment 👑,” while another theorized, “The pads will help her with her cycle and the wings is emotional support & care.” 

We’re all loving the dad’s attempt, even if the results were equal parts funny, sort of wrong, and also very right: “You got her the right pads and some food??? Oh she’s winning. Good job dad 👏🏽👏🏽.” As yet another commenter wrote, “No she needs both wings. you did good 😁.” 

This dad is no doubt winging in our books.