If you’re always on your Crocs, whether chilling at home, at the mall or even at work, you might be curious about how to make things a bit more personal and a lot more Latino. Well, now that Croctober is in full swing, why not update your beloved Crocs with some of the cutest Latinx culture-inspired charms we’ve ever seen?

Sure, you might have seen standard charms for Crocs, but may we present to you Takis, tajín, and concha charm designs— A.K.A. the absolute cutest options for your favorite footwear.

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All from The Latino Shop, these unique charms won’t disappoint and will definitely get you all the compliments. See below for our favorites, and warning: we’re getting taquicardia from how cute they are.

1. Vicks VapoRub ($1.75)

How could we not include the do-it-all, abuelita-favorite that is “Vivaporub”? Slather it on pimples, on your chest for minty congestion relief, or stick it on your Crocs for cuteness!

2. Paletas Mexicanas ($1.75)

A quien no le gustan las paletas Mexicanas? We will never say “no” to lollipops like Vero Mango or Vero Manita— and don’t even get us started on the Paleta Payaso. Well, now your Crocs can be extra sweet too.

3. “No Manches” Cleaning Product ($1.75)

If you want to smile every time you look down at your shoes, then do yourself a favor and get this adorable “No Manches” charm in the shape of a standard Clorox bottle.

4. Bad Bunny Everything ($1.75)

It’s no secret we’re huge fans of “Dakiti” star Bad Bunny, and as it turns out, he’s a huge fan of Crocs, too— at least if going by his mega-hit collaboration with the brand. Time to deck out your shoes with some “YHLQMDLG”-inspired magia.

5. Takis ($1.75)

While Bad Bunny is our favorite when it comes to reggaeton, we have to say Takis might just take the prize for our favorite chips. The perfectly-crunchy texture, the spice, the flavor, even the shape— perfection, even as a charm.

6. Conchas ($1.75)

If you prefer to keep your Crocs on the sweet side, is there any better option than some adorable pink conchas? We crave some practically every weekend, so this charm is definitely our new go-to!

7. Cafetera ($1.75)

We’ll take our delicious concha charm with a café con leche please… or make that a cortadito! This cafetera reminds us of the one we grew up with, the one mami still has on the stovetop every morning.

8. Tajín ($1.75)

Our favorite seasoning is a charm for Crocs now, so let’s just say we can die happy. While we’d be happiest with a mega-sized bottle of tajín to top everything from watermelon to elotes, this mini-sized charm is everything our heart wants right now.

9. “Ponte Las Pilas” Batteries ($1.75)

We can just hear abuelita saying “Ponte las pilas, mija!” every time we look at this charm, and while that may or may not be a bit triggering, it’s still really cute.

10. Fabuloso ($1.75)

Who else equates a clean house with the smell of mami and abuelita’s favorite cleaning product Fabuloso? While we remember seeing the pink, yellow, and green varieties growing up, it’s always the bright purple lavender scent that reminds us of casita.

11. Tapatío Bottle ($1.75)

Just like our favorite seasoning got its own charm, of course our favorite hot sauce got the same treatment. This Tapatío-inspired shoe charm is just specific enough that the people who know will compliment you for it, so it’s perfect.

12. Café Bustelo ($1.75)

If you’re a coffee fanatic, welcome to the club. Why not complement your cafetera charm with some Café Bustelo on the side? Even if you’re a Pilón fan, there’s no doubt this charm will bring back all the nostalgia.

13. Tusa ($1.75)

Who else sang “Tusa” by Karol G and Nicki Minaj at the top of their lungs in the club (or at a wedding) when it came out? There’s no doubt the song was a game-changer and a bop, so of course there’s a charm for it: “Ya no tiene excusa, Hoy salió con su amiga dizque pa’ matar la tusa.” Iconic.

14. Eduin Caz ($1.75)

Alternatively, if you’re not that much of a reggaeton fan but none other than “Ya Supérame” band Grupo Firme has your heart, then you need these Eduin Caz charms in your life. Warning: it might just make you want to sing “¿Qué parte no entiendes cuando te digo que no?” at very random moments.

15. Mazapan ($1.75)

Last but certainly not least, round out your Crocs game with the sweetest, most nostalgic treat: a Mazapan-inspired charm. This one will remind you of your childhood and your abuelita’s house, so it might just be the best one here!