To commemorate the end of 2022, TimeOut released a list of the 51 coolest neighborhoods in the world. Among them are cities like Shimokitazawa in Japan or Ridgewood in New York City. However, the top spot went to Colonia Americana, a neighborhood in Guadalajara that’s finally getting some well-deserved attention.

The magazine describes Colonia Americana as “little explored,” especially in comparison to other Mexican hotspots like Mexico City or Puerto Vallarta. However, many Mexicans think of Guadalajara as one of the most cultured cities in the entire country.

Firstly, TimeOut lists the city’s neo-gothic church, Templo Expiatorio, as a must-see. Additionally, they mention music venues like Segundo Piso Music and art galleries like Tiro Al Blanco.

However, there’s no better way to learn about Colonia Americana than from the people who actually live there. Soon after TimeOut published the list, a series of TikToks from locals gave potential travelers a better idea of what to expect.

What is it like to live in Colonia Americana?

If you’re thinking about making the trip down, here are some great videos to get you started. However, it should be known that while many locals agree about the city’s cultural significance, many take the time to remind viewers that the community still faces issues regarding class, crime, and stability.

This video, however, comes from the perspective of a tourist spending a night out in Colonia Americana.


First night in my natal Guadalajara. Checking out some spots in Colonia Americana. I’m gonna try to post a TikTok everyday during this trip. Let’s see if I can keep up. #guadalajara #coloniaamericana #guadalajarajalisco

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This video is a direct response to the TimeOut article, adding on to the highlights they mentioned while giving potential visitors an intimate look at what they should expect.

However, this particular TikTok comes courtesy of a local realtor, giving viewers a tour of the city as a place to potentially relocate full-time.

Finally, we have a TikTok series profiling Colonia Americana, its unique architecture, and the day-to-day life of its residents.


Episodio 1 ¡El barrio más genial del mundo, está en Guadalajara 🙌🏼🥰! Colonia Americana 📍 Sigueme en IG Food4Fer 📸 #fy #fyp #foodporn #food4fer #timeout #viral #guadalajara

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