While the Holidays are supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, they’re also high up on the list of most stressful time of the year.

Not only is there an endless list of things to do — decorate, go to parties, book extra sessions with your therapist— but you also have to worry about what gifts to get your friends and family. And to be realistic, we know sometimes Amazon is the best bet when shopping for last-minute gifts, so why not shop this list of Latinx-owned brands that are selling on Amazon?

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1. For the wellness junkie in your life.

Photo credit: Orijin Design Co. via Amazon

“The Thinking Egg Kit” is a beautiful mindfulness tool created by Salvadoran-American entrepreneur, Oscar Bonilla Jr. These elemental eggs were created to ease your mind and slow you down, fostering relaxation and ease wherever they’re placed. Each egg is made up of an element that offers different metaphysical properties, according to the brand. Plus, they look great on any office desk! This gift sells for $55.00.

2. For your prima who loves her indoor spa.

Photo credit: La Parea Wellness via Amazon

A brainchild of Latina entrepreneur, Samanta Moise the Ecuadorian Rose aromatherapy candle is guaranteed to light up any room just as much as a fresh dozen roses. The candle was created to smell like the Ecuadorian rose, which is famous for its “size, color and intoxicating fragrance.” At $24.99 per piece, this is a great way to support a small business while getting a bang for your buck.

3. Something to entertain the entire family.

Photo credit: Melissa Ariza

Drink Up, the Game was created by Melissa Ariza — a Latina small business owner who launched her own drinking game during the pandemic. Give this to your funniest tío to get the party started! This retails for $22.00.

4. A gift to help educate the next generation.

Photo credit: Lucky Diaz via Amazon

The beautifully illustrated children’s book “Paletero Man” by GRAMMY-winning singer Lucky Diaz is a must-have for growing kiddos at home. This heartwarming book celebrates the power of community as the book’s young narrator develops a special relationship with a paletero named José. A hardcover copy of “Paletero Man” sells for $14.48, or opt for the Kindle version at $12.99.

5. A gift that abuela will absolutely love !

Photo credit: TAMI Store via Amazon

Not only is this pendant from Tami Jewelry stunning, but it’s handmade by artisan jewelers in Mexico. This Our Lady of Guadalupe necklace, created with real, pressed forget-me-not (scorpion grasses) flowers is perfect for that family member who practically lives at mass — we all know and love one. The best part is the affordable pricing — nothing can beat handmaid, and sterling silver at $34.95.

6. For your suegra who loves hosting and feeding her guests.

Photo credit: Tappas Store via Amazon

Tappas was created by Cuban-Colombian jefa, Sandra Portal-Andreu. These uniquely designed containers house three compartments and are made of all natural beech wood. They can either be used for decoration or for serving up various appetizers, and, as the name suggests, tapas. An 8×8 piece retails for $89.99.

7. For the tech aficionado.

Photo credit: Tech-Life Store via Amazon

If you can’t think of what to get your brother this year (and let’s face it: we never can), look no further. Boomband is a speaker that you can attach to your wrist. Made by the Latino-founded brand Tech-Life, this portable speaker is perfect for outdoor activities like running, camping or tailgating. At $29.99, it’s a steal.

8. A last-minute stocking stuffer or an add-on to any large gift.

Photo credit: HummingBee via Amazon

Beekeeper Umberto Moreno creates “specialized bee products” with his brand, HummingBee. If you need a last-minute stocking stuffer, these beeswax lip balms are just the thing. You can get 4 tubes for $9.99.

9. Something to satisfy your sister’s sweet tooth — and your own.

Photo credit: La Monarca Bakery Store via Amazon

You can’t go wrong with something sweet and you can’t go wrong with cookies, so we bring you a combination of both: Mexican Wedding cookies! La Monarca Bakery is a Mexican-owned brand that started off as a brick-and-mortar store in Los Angeles and now ships nationwide! At only $14.00 for two packs, these timeless cookies make great gifts for family members or something to bring when you visit the in-laws.

10. For your edgy, fashion-forward friend.

Photo credit: Hot Chocolate Design Store via Amazon

This tote bag by Latinx-founded brand Hot Chocolate Design, is the perfect gift for that family member who has a little bit of an edge to them. To make things even better, the tote comes in seven different designs. This tote is priced at $74.99.

11. For your bruja astrologer.

Photo Credit: Luna Sundara Store via Amazon

These palo santo smudging sticks will help ring in the New Year with only the best juju. It’s sold by the online store Luna Sundara, which is founded by Latinos with the mission to “empower Latin American artists.” The sticks retail for $12.99.