Exchanging wedding vows is an age-old tradition many look forward to. The couple make promises to each other as they prepare for marriage while sharing their feelings for one another. However, one Puerto Rican bride took her vows to the next level with an unforgettable oath to her soon-to-be husband.

On Sept. 19, the bride-to-be, Melanie, shared a now-viral video of the nuptials to her TikTok account. The 30-second clip began with “When You Marry a Puerto Rican Woman,” in text as the bride was ready to share a piece of advice with the groom.

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Melanie stood opposite her husband-to-be, holding a cell phone with her wedding vows written. But what happened next left attendees in tears as the bride hilariously set the record straight with her partner.

The bride ensured the groom knew her terms and conditions for what to do in case she died before him

“If life ever decides to take me before it’s your time to go, and you hear all of these loved ones tell you, ‘Melanie would want you to be happy,'” the bride said to her soon-to-be husband during the ceremony. “Please know, that is a lie! And I promise to haunt you both, and all of you witnesses shall that ever happen.”

Melanie’s remarks amused the guests, and it’s safe to say she meant every word in the most Puerto Rican way. We stan a Latina woman whose passionate about her relationship.

“The end and the church say ‘amen!'” she said as the guests chimed in.

The video amassed thousands of views, with commenters relating to the bride in more ways than one

Latina women are passionate about many things, and their relationship with their partner is one of them. However, most of the comments were from women who understood every word Melanie conveyed to her partner and attendees at the wedding. “Love this omg lmaoooooo that’s right mama,” one user said.

Other Boricua women also agreed with the bride and “knew exactly” where the vows were headed. “As a fellow Puerto Rican woman I knew exactly where this was going 😂💚 🇵🇷,” another wrote.

Even women who were already married have continuously shared this information with their husbands just in case they have other plans. “I tell my husband this all the time Lmao,” a third user said.

Meanwhile, others wanted to add the viral tidbit to their wedding vows soon. “This will be in my vows 🤣” one commenter said. While another shared, “I will have to add this to my vows 😂😂😂🥰🥰.”

In subsequent posts, Melanie shared the moment they became husband and wife, their eventful wedding reception and the honeymoon.